Friday, February 16, 2018

Finish the Sentence Friday - When it comes to this body

This third Friday of the month is a stream of consciousness post which supposedly is writing for five minutes on the prompt given, however I admit I went over that limit. Knowing this about me from the get-go, I'll understand if you limit your reading time here today. It wasn't meant to happen, but I just couldn't stop. So read on, or click the link and read what others have shared today.

I'm posting reflective writing to the blog hop Finish the Sentence Friday - When it comes to this body hosted by Kristi Campbell at Finding Ninee. The co-host is Kenya G. Johnson at Sporadically Yours.

When it comes to this body, I am thankful to have all my parts, except for my  tonsils, adenoids, wisdom teeth and the lenses which were part of my eyes at birth.

Some parts have malfunctioned, been broken, been straightened, or had things removed that shouldn't have been there.

It has been burned and blistered by the sun, by hot liquid, and heating elements. High fever has over heated my body. It has felt pain from injuries, from surgery, from overuse, from lack of use, and from parts that don't function well together.

Stings, bites, punctures, cuts, rashes, pocks, and boils have violated it.

This body has felt the impact of hard falls and collisions and has the scars that leave lasting reminders of the events.

Tiny, healthy babies have been born from this body.

With this body I have seen and heard wondrous, beautiful, horrible, and sad things that caused me to smile, laugh, cry, act, and to pray.

This body of flesh has been hugged, caressed, patted, tickled, tapped, rubbed, and massaged.

It knows what it feels like to be carried, swung, lifted, and tipped.

Best of all, this body encases my internal organs which allow me the blessing of learning, feeling, remembering, loving, and living.

Within this body lives my spirit. This body is mine to maintain, nurture, and respect.


  1. Love your take on the prompt Pat and I'm glad you kept going!

  2. Wow, Pat. This is one of my favorite things I've read. I love the imagery of being carried, tipped, massaged, bruised, and having tiny babies. The internal organs tied to feeling and loving and memory is beautiful. I also really related to the part about your body having heard things that make you laugh and cry. I've done both this week and appreciate the reminder that our bodies are ours to maintain. That's a cool way of looking at it. So glad you joined and kept going past the five minutes!

    1. Thanks, Kristi. I really enjoy this exercise of writing about my body. It is too easy to take one's body for granted. Our bodies are such amazing structures and beautifully created. The mere fact that no two are exactly the same in every regard is beyond comprehension.

  3. Beautiful Pat. I read the whole thing, even if you took more than five minutes to complete it. To be honest, I did the same with mine.


    1. Thanks, Kerry. I never was very good at speed reading, and even less so at speed writing.

  4. what an excellent post! (and, even more so, an excellent SOC on the week's prompt).
    time limits certainly are useful but a stream of consciousness is very much that, a stream... not a moving row of segments of water... (lol)
    I, for one, enjoyed the full post.

    1. Thanks, Clark.
      A "moving row of segments of water" sounds like a turbulence of water that quickly floods everything. LOL

  5. What a great piece to read. Love your descriptions.