Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

It is so helpful to me that at Josie Two Shoes site we are given more than enough days to write our posts to link up to her Ten Things of Thankful blog hop each week. I seem to come trailing in each week on the final day, but that doesn't mean I am less than thankful. Acknowledging gratitude is an important way to help one's mental and emotional help to my way of thinking, and I am not alone. Click.  

1. Visiting my Mom. After not being able to visit Mom for almost a couple of weeks, her roommate got over the flu, and it was okay for me to make visits again. I could have worn a mask and visited with Mom, but I felt that would have probably been too confusing for her, and I really didn't want to risk getting the flu. With Mom having advanced Alzheimer's there is enough confusion in Mom's mind to add to it me wearing a mask.

2. Pain medication. First of all, let's just get it out there in the beginning. I am usually not one who likes to take pain medication, because although they sometimes help, they also can bring on adverse reactions. This past week I welcomed some relief from pain in my hip and knee from what the doctor diagnosed as a type of bursitis in my hip. After an initial injection in my hip, followed by five days of pain medication, things are more manageable.

3. Classical music. As a child I took three years of piano lessons using mostly the Thompson and Aaron books. During those years I got an introduction of sorts to some of the classical pieces. I came to appreciate more classical pieces when one of our daughters learned to play the violin and was in orchestra and Junior Symphony during high school. On my drive up to visit my Mom the other day, I turned the radio station to a classical station where they were sharing an assortment of piano arrangements, organ numbers, and various renditions for stringed instruments. I actually like many different types of music, but this is a shout-out for my love for classical this time.

4. Power of prayer. There are times when there seems that there is so little that can be said and done to make a situation better for yourself or for someone else. Distance, whether in miles or in mind, may prevent help being given or received. One's own knowledge may be an obstacle as well in knowing how to proceed. When we know or perceive of the suffering of others, we often suffer with them to a degree, and I have personally found that prayer can buffer the distress in each.

5. Seeing the unexpected. One day this past week as my husband and I were driving along a road that we travel often we spotted three sandhill cranes and a couple of trumpeter swans. We have seen these birds in other parts of the state, but not here! What have you noticed in your natural surroundings that have surprised you lately?

6. Old photos. I must admit it. Photos of what is old, even ancient, has always spoken to me in some way. As a child, looking at pictures in discarded school books and looking at old family photos my grandmother kept in an stationery box intrigued me. With the many platforms of social media now, we have instant access to images of historical places, photos of people dressed in attire not seen in present day, city scenes that show dirt roads instead of pavement, etc. This past week we received an unexpected package of three old photos from a niece. What a thoughtful thing for her to do.

7. Jar of "good things." At the beginning of the month I saw an idea I wanted to pursue. Each day write one good thing that happened that day on a slip of paper and put the paper in a jar. I think that there is going to be a collection of jars by the end of the year. Maybe I need to write smaller.

Quart canning jar filled with little papers noting something good that happened that day.

8. Poetic thoughts (I think). One blustery day a few days ago, the wind seemed to have blown up some little leaves that crossed my path in front of the car. That prompted the following thought.

Dead leaves seeming to skip across the road from the brisk wind, enjoying the ride, leaving their earthen bier if but for a moment.
Will their form change through this energetic endeavor and mix with the atmosphere and become a new kind of life, or will they settle just as quickly back to their earthly grave?
Are we ready for that exit from our bier, or urn, when it is time, and become a more perfect version of ourselves, or do we suppose this is all there is?

Some may prefer to call these random thoughts, or perhaps a stream of consciousness, or just crazy ideas from a confused mind. What ever they are, they sometimes just escape from me onto paper or the computer screen. :-)

9. Red in the winter. On those winter days that are gloomy, I am thankful for a bit of red to brighten things up. I bought this plant when it was blooming. The  blooms stayed on for a long time, but finally fell. It cheers me up to see these blossoms coming out again.

Kalanchoe plant showing red blossoms

10. My kind, thoughtful, husband. Is there anything better than to grow older with someone and in the growing, gain more and more insights as to the inner being of that person? I think not.


  1. I have bursitis in my right hip, along with a lot of other pain. There is a shame and a need to apologize whenever pain meds comes up in this world. I say to this, those who would/could criticize must not live with pain on any regular basis. Those are some lucky people. I hope your pain is short lived.

    I love violin and piano combos. Both go so well together.

    Everything is poetry.

    Love the bloom and the red and your jar idea.

    1. So sorry that you have bursitis also, as well as your other pains.

      I tried holding a violin once and just positioning my body in the way that is needed to play the instrument was so uncomfortable for me, that I knew I would never spend time trying to learn how play it. I love to listen to those who have learned to play it, as well as other instruments.

      I agree that everything is poetry, although I'm not sure all the world sees life that way. There is a rhythm to life in general. It is just learning to recognize the rhythm of things.

      Glad you like the flower. The "good things jar" is well worth the small effort it takes to keep it going.

  2. Hi, Pat. It's nice to be back. Your whole post is poetic in a way. Those birds might inspire some verse as well. There's a place I walk, around a reservoir and each time I visit, I notice something new and beautiful. It's nice to have our eyes open to more than the usual. I love your jar idea and I think I might start one of my own. It is a good way to keep your perspective positive, I think. Do you date the slips? Some days finding something good to think about is just what I need. I too, like all kinds of music. In my office, I listen to some new age that promotes positive thinking. Thanks for inserting the the video and photos. Hope your hip continues to be better.

    1. We saw the trumpeter swans again today in the same field. The sandhill cranes were no longer there.

      I do date the slips in the "good things jar."

      New age music is something I enjoy also.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I have found that writing my TToT post at the beginning of the new week allows me quiet time for reflection on the past week and so it works better for me. That was one of the reasons I extended the linkup deadline for folks like us! :-)

    I was so thankful to read that you are able to visit your Mom again now that the flu risk is no longer present. You are kind and thoughtful to realize that the mask surely would have puzzled and frightened her, and you didn't need the possibility of getting sick either.

    Like you, I am not a fan of pain medications, but there are times when they are necessary for a period to give us relief so our bodies can rest and heal. Strong pain is stressful for our bodies. I am glad the pain is beginning to feel a little more in control.

    I smiled, nodding my head, when I read about you being drawn to classical music. I always have been, and even used to use it as background motivation when I did my homework in highschool and college. I also like many kinds of music, but classical just seems to elevate our spirits to a higher level.

    I absolutely agree with you about the power of prayer, and I resort to it frequently in situations with friends and family where I feel that my own efforts are so limited to help. God knows exactly what is needed and prayer not only brings comfort to the one prayed for but also the one praying. It is my first response to things that are beyond my control but stressing me.

    Seeing the unexpected while out and about is delightful! I saw a large roadrunner in our yard yesterday, and while not unusual here, he was so big and healthy and showed little fear of my presence close by. They are so adorable!

    Old photos fascinate me too. I want to know more about the people and places they depict, the stories behind them!

    Your "jar of good things" is awesome, and I hope it's stuffed to overflowing by the end of each month! -) Yet another way to remind ourselves of how many things we have to be thankful for.

    Your poetic ponderings about leaves was wonderful, I love free verse like this and I found myself caught up in your musings about life cycles and what follows.

    Here our two big Christmas cactuses are still blooming profusely and their bright blossoms do add a lot of warmth and color to drab winter days. I am thankful that each day the sunlight remains a little longer, those long nights can feel a bit closed in.

    To your number ten thankful I add a resounding AMEN! The years bring a closeness and depth to relationships that is cherished!

    PS - Your blog will not accept my WordPress ID and deletes my comment every time I try. :( Resorting to old Blogger ID to get this through.

    1. I'm sure you have read some of the same studies I have read about how certain types of music promote a learning environment. I am one who believes that.
      I don't think that I have ever seen a roadrunner other than in photos on the internet or a wildlife show on TV.
      We have been caught up in life cycles here too.
      Sometimes in the past I have had problems commenting on a Word Press site, so I know how frustrating that can be. When you went to Word Press, I was afraid I would not be able to comment on your site, but so far it hasn't been a problem. Kind of weird. When you try to "reply as," are you able to select Word Press and it still doesn't let you publish your comment?

  4. Yikes, Mom, I didn't realize I hadn't commented on your post yet! Glad that Grandma's roommate is OK and that you can again go visit Grandma.
    Have you added the photos to familysearch? I'm curious to see them!

    1. Well, this is kind of weird, because I thought I'd responded to your comment. Maybe I just called you instead. :-)