Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful - Trip

This is going to be a really short post that is too late to link to Josie Two Shoes' Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, but I will post anyway. That way you can click the link to read the posts others did link. 

We made a trip this past week to see one of our daughters and her family in the state south of us. We drove this time instead of flying, and my husband went with me. (The last time I went to see her, I fell and broke my arm, and he had to take a plane down to be with me. It was a much more enjoyable trip this time around.)

1. Invitation to see the California poppies in all their glory.

California poppies

A field of California poppies

2. Time to spend with my daughter.  Because of the wind and my need to stay shaded from the sun as much as possible, I kept covered up as much as possible, otherwise my hair would have looked like the 'featherdo' of the bird.

East African Gray-Crowned Crane at the Los Angeles Zoo

3. Different terrains.

Mt. Shasta
flat desert
Black Butte cinder butte
4. Freshly picked artichokes from the garden. I'm amazed by our daughter's green thumb.

artichoke plant

5. New games to play. We learned to play Five Crowns, a rummy type game. It was lots of fun! Of course, we did play more than one Scrabble game as well. I'm thankful for our children who tolerate, and I think enjoy playing this game with me. 

6. A visit with my brother on the way home. We got together at the Pizza Factory in the area where he lives. I'm going to have to see if there are any Pizza Factory restaurants in our state.

7. Being able to see my great grandchildren and their parents. We had not been able to see them the last time we were in the area, so this was a special time to be with them. Taking family group pictures can sometimes be like this.

giraffes looking all different directions at the Los Angeles Zoo 
8. Going to a JetHawks minor League Baseball game with our daughter and son-in-law. It was a very pleasant evening to watch a game.

9. Great food throughout the trip!

10. Fun, fun, fun, and relaxation, relaxation, relaxation with my husband and family!


  1. Five Crowns is so much fun! We have that game here. And Scrabble, of course, is always awesome.
    Love your photos, especially the poppies and poppy field. I honestly don't think I've ever known anyone who grew artichokes. Cool.

    1. We grew artichokes here a couple of years, but it was a different variety and didn't produce the kind of artichokes I was used to eating.
      I may end up buying Five Crowns since just two can play it as well as a group. Word games aren't high on my hubby's preferences, but he enjoyed Five Crowns.

  2. I was delighted to find your post this morning, and I was able to add it to the TToT linkup. :-)

    Such a wonderful trip, as is evidenced by all the great photos, and surely more fun than last time! I love road trips and the variety of scenery along the way, you have some breathtakingly beautiful photos here, and those poppies are gorgeous!

    I've never even seen an artichoke plant before, but I do love to eat them! A trip to the zoo is always one of my favorite things, and your captions definitely made me smile! Card games and board games are great family fun. I love Scrabble and Words With Friends online... great brain exercise!

    I'm so happy that you got to spend precious time with your daughter, son-in-law, the grandkids and great-grandkids, and were able to meet up with your brother too. Those are wonderful memories in the making!

    And now I'm guessing that you are probably ready for a couple days of rest at home, long rides are a little harder on our senior bodies. :-) Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely list of thankfuls with us, blessings to you always!

    1. Thanks for linking up my TToT post. How do you eat your artichokes? I grew up dipping the leaves in melted butter, but I know not everyone eats them that way. For a while I played Words with Friends online, but then I quit because I felt I was devoting more time to it than I really thought I should.
      I must admit after visiting Mom today and then doing some errands, I was feeling a little tuckered out. Thankfully Mom didn't seem to realize I hadn't been there to see her this past week.

  3. Ooh, pizza. MMMM.

    Love all this family time and the California poppies.

    Glad no broken bones this time around.

    Glad you were able to get your post in at the last minute.

    1. The problem of getting my post in at the last minute is that I just have a few days before beginning the next. :-)