Friday, May 20, 2022

Ten Things of Thankful

As you begin to browse this list of ten items, for which I am thankful, you will see how very eclectic it is. Hopefully, this will encourage you to try writing a list of your own and sharing it on the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop where you can link up. Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not is the Host of the blog hop.

A rosy checkermallow plant in bloom with a
yellow barestem biscuit root peeking out
below among the blades of grass 

1. The willingness of those who share with others their experiences and photos taken on a vacation some can only wish to take 

Some friends who had the opportunity to go on a trip to the Holy Land and see sites I have not seen in person prepared a fireside meeting for those who were interested in knowing more about their excursion and what they learned while they were there.

2. Being able to get the car serviced

Since I recently saw some signs that a mouse or mice had gotten into the interior of the car and I found and removed a large mouse nest in the spare tire well, having this appointment already scheduled was good timing in order to have the car thoroughly cleaned and checked for other areas the mice may have been. The good news was that they hadn’t destroyed any wiring.

3. Being able to schedule a day in June to attend the temple 

During the pandemic I have missed going to the temple and am looking forward to being able to go there again. It is such a peaceful quiet place to mediate and to serve.

4. Weather that cooperates with scheduled activities

There was a recent month when just about every day that we were scheduled to have the guy mow our property and do other yard care things, it was pouring down rain and made it impossible for the work to be done. I am thankful that although we have had frequent rain this month, more times than not, the days he has come have been mostly rain-free days.

5. The blessing of not having to return clothing ordered online

After carefully taking my measurements and comparing them with those on the company’s online chart, I placed my order in the hopes that the items would be true to the size on the chart.  While I know many do not mind having to return products, I do not like the hassle, so I was happy to find out it was a perfect fit.

6. Gopher snake

With underground rodents arousing from their winter hibernation, we were grateful to spot a Pacific gopher snake searching for its prey on our property. (They are harmless to humans.) 

7. A perfect day to burn some pruned and fallen limbs

There are only certain conditions when outdoor brush fires are allowed and when the wood has dried out enough for the flame to keep burning. The fire was completely out when by the designated time, but we were thankful for the return of rainfall the next morning just in case the site needing another good soaking.

8. Having the choice to take part in the election process

This week the results of the primary election in our state were announced. While it is nice now to not have our mailbox stuffed full of repetitive flyers about the various candidates, almost daily, having the opportunity to study the platforms and experience of the candidates via a plethora of information being spread by all kinds of media was at times both helpful and exhausting, but worth taking the time to do so.

9. Seeing a murmuration of three

One day this week as I was looking out the window, I noticed three juvenile starlings strutting across the grass, when all of a sudden they put on an air show for me. As if on command, they went skyward as if being drawn by some magnetic field that clicked them into a vee-shaped formation and then they dipped, soared, and turned at such a rapid pace it was hard to follow their path. It was fascinating to watch at such a close range. I have seen many large murmurations over the years, but never a *mini-murmuration.

10. Vic, from whom I have learned so much about native plants

A lone purple camas beginning to bloom among a
blanket of young collomia grandiflora plants
not yet in bloom

An evergreen huckleberry bush whose branches
are ladened with white blossoms tinged in pink

Yellow barestem biscuit root plant in bloom.
The blossom arrangements remind me of
bursts of yellow firecrackers exploding.

* This is what seems to best way to describe what I saw.

A big thankful for Vic, family and friends who bring laughter, joy, and ways to see this world in which we all live.

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  1. This is a beautiful list and beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. What a treat to see the birds that way. The plants are beautiful.

    1. Yes, it was. There are so many different shapes of blossoms and such a variety of colors and scents. I am thankful for these beautiful things which were created.

  3. These are great gratefuls. I don't like the hassle of having to return stuff I ordered online either, so I'm so grateful on your behalf the clothes were a perfect fit.