Friday, August 28, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

 It is with a little bit of dismay at how quickly I feel this month is coming to an end, but there is still time for me to sneak in one final blog hop post to Ten Things of Thankful for the month. Kristi of Thankful Me is our host, and there is still time for you to link up too.

1. Discovering the trick to sealing a freezer bag on the first try every single time

I have felt some frustration when trying to seal freezer bags, and only this week, did I discover how to do it correctly. Just don't ask  how many years I have struggled with this task. 

2. Finishing a big paper shredding project

3. Learning that a niece and her family survived Hurricane Laura when her city was struck

4. New Sudoku books

5. The good examples of others

6. Corn holders

7. The power outage caused by a blown transformer in the area this week was shorter than originally anticipated.

8. Shade on a hot summer day

Gray squirrel resting in the shade of an oak tree
on an snag cushioned with mounds of moss

9. Evening sights and sounds

10. My husband who thinks I am a genius because of #1

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  1. You are a genius! I now know how to properly seal those bags, thank you!

  2. I had no idea you struggled with zip lock bags, but I also didn't know there was a right and a wrong way to seal them!
    We've got crickets chirping here every night, too.

    1. In the scheme of things having difficulty closing a zip lock bag is pretty far down the scale. It was more of an annoyance in the past when I prepared a lot of packages of food for the freezer. It just amazes me that I only now learned how to do it.

      The crickets must have had a lot to chirp about here last night. They were louder than usual.

  3. Corn holders! I was just thinking about them yesterday. (At this time of year) we have corn on the cob with Sunday dinner).
    We don't actually have corn holders. But I distinctly remember the ones growing, they were plastic and shaped like little ears of corn.
    god! the things our minds decide are worthy of a diminishing supply of memory om

    1. Sounds like the corn holders you described a match for the ones we actually use. Yes, they have been around for a while. LOL