Saturday, August 22, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

 It is that time again, time to reflect and give thanks. I am linking this post to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop currently hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me. This is a weekly event for many and even for those who are unable to link up each and every week, they usually are taking note of those things for which they are thankful. It can be a life changing practice.

1. Being able to get the paper shredder jam cleared thanks to several applications of shredder oil in the jam area

I was more than a little concerned when the jam occurred because I have so many more papers to shred. This new shredder has really been given a workout and although it is able to handle a single feeding of quite a few papers, I apparently overdid it.

2. Discovering the container where I had placed a lot of larger sized family photographs a number of years ago

The container wasn’t hidden, but it was on top of a book cabinet in a storage room, along with other things, and I hadn’t noticed it. Sometime this past year I was wondering what had happened to a certain photograph, and thought one of the kids had it, but they said they didn’t. The photo below was taken during Christmas break in 1973 and as you can see I was very pregnant with our third child.

Photo taken at the Los Angeles Temple Visitors Center

3. Green Tomato Quiche

The two green tomatoes, a zucchini and part of a large onion from my produce box this week were among some of the ingredients in this easy-to-make dish.  I had never made a crustless quiche, nor one that called for green tomatoes before and I was pleasantly pleased with the results.

Crustless Green Tomato Quiche

4. For all the firefighters who are battling the grass and forest fires in many places 

It is a difficult job and they are lacking man power and equipment, but are trying their very best to put out the fires.

5. Freedom to choose, to think, to believe, to discern, and to hope

6. That I didn’t have nightmares after reading just prior to going to bed 

Winston was sitting in front of the rat cage and beginning to hear the dialogue about what the rats would do. (1984)

7. The lesson that I learned about facing what I thought was going to happen but actually didn’t

If I had listened for perhaps a minute longer,  I would have realized the horrible scene I was expecting in #6 didn't take place.

8. Brief sprinkles

It has been very dry here, so although the sprinkles were brief, it was very refreshing.

The Hot Lips Salvia are enjoying the refreshing rain.

9. Naps

10. Vic

The photo below was one of the ones I came across this week. It was taken in my dorm room the evening our engagement was announced to some the girls in the dorm where I was living.

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  1. I'm glad you found the photos, too!
    I might have to try that recipe; I have almost all of the ingredients growing in my garden right now. My tomatoes are taking their sweet time in ripening. If they don't ripen before the first frost, I might have to hang the plants upside down in my basement--or eat a lot of green tomato quiche!

    1. I used to ripen green tomatoes by putting them in a single layer in a box and putting them in a dark room. I think I may have put paper towels or maybe newspaper over the top too, but I don't remember my reason for the paper. Anyway they eventually ripened that way.

  2. shredders! there's a household appliance that surely harbors a killer instinct... lol, I can't remember the name of the movie, but there was a scene in which a character had his tie caught in a shredder.
    I enjoy wearing ties.
    I don't like operating shredders.
    Have a great week