Friday, June 12, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

It seems like just yesterday that we all gathered here to celebrate the 7th year of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, but the world never stands still, so here we go again. There is always something to appreciate even if at times it may require some real meditating to unearth those feelings. Other times one just blinks and discovers something staring you right in the face. At times the thoughts shared by those linking up are deep and thought provoking while even within the same post a bit of humor shines forth. We are all human with real life experiences taking a positive look at life. This post is being linked to Ten Things of Thankful hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me.

1. The mashup of TToT and FTSF last week was the instigator of causing me to participate in the Finish the Sentence Friday blog hop this weekend. It has been quite a while since I have done that.

2. Wildlife to watch
This wild turkey is probably a jenny from last year now grown up. The same day we saw this turkey sitting on the railing by our ramp, we caught of whiff of a skunk which meant one was probably investigating one of the culverts on the lane, and we saw three baby ground squirrels eating blossoms  and tender green leaves of weeds. I would have loved to have been able to get a photo of them eating. Even though they are pests, watching them eat the blossoms was cute.

Wild turkey

3. A stand-up weeder
At my age, no other explanation is needed here as to why I am really thankful for this tool.

4. An upcoming blueberry crop

Unripe blueberries

5. Movies based on real experiences that help me feel the experiences of others so I can understand a little of what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes
We watched Just Mercy which given the circumstances these past almost three weeks seemed apropos in many ways. Once again Vic found a movie that he knew we would both find educational.

6. First food box for the summer
I joined up to receive a box of fresh local farm produce each week. I was not disappointed. Each Wednesday I go to the destination to get my box of produce. I am getting the small box since I wasn't sure if the larger box would be more than just the two of us would eat in a week. This week the box  included strawberries, lettuce, kohlrabi, filberts, wild rice, red cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

7. Homemade shortcake so we eat strawberry shortcake

8. Small pony beads and my neighbor who had some for me to try with the ties on the cloth face mask I’ve been using
I have not used pony beads before other than using some similar looking large wooden beads back in the day when I was doing macrame. I doubt that I even knew then that there was a name for that type of bead.

9. KN95 face masks
A friend told me about these, so I decided to order some and try them out.

10. An online order from one of our local restaurants
Clam chowder, sourdough bread bowl, shrimp salad w/ 1000 island dressing and a lemon bar 

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  1. Your blueberries look promising! When I attended an online gardening class earlier this year, I learned that blueberries don't do well here, so I didn't even plant any. My strawberries are blooming now, though, and some of my raspberries are starting to form flower buds. I'm thrilled that it looks like they won't die! (Like every raspberry I planted in CA did.)

    No turkeys here, but I did see some baby quail the other day! :-)

    1. Last year we only had a few blueberries on one bush, but this year there are berries on the other bushes too. With the cool weather that we have been having, I don't think the berries will even be ripe until July. I know how happy you are going to be if you have your own berries to eat. I am pretty certain the turkey that is coming around was here last year since it came back to roost on the ramp railing. Baby quail are much cuter.🙂

  2. May your blueberries produce bushels!

  3. Great list. I bought a couple of stand-up weeders but have not used them yet...I order food online at least twice a week. I call it supporting the local small businesses!

    1. Thanks Carin. I have found that using the stand-up weeder easiest to use when the soil is neither to wet nor too dry. That way the root comes up and most of the soil stays in the ground.
      I cannot order certain items in my food box. What I receive varies from week to week depending on the availability from the local farmers. So there is always an element of surprise involved. I do have the option to designate ahead of time any items to which I am allergic.

  4. Funny about the turkey. We have them in the area, except I've yet to discover a pattern to their appearance... often in the Fall but haven't seen anyone in a couple of years... rabbit we have (funny, you can tell its a rabbit as opposed to a cat, by the tone of Una's bark)... she doesn't mind rabbits.
    The only area where weeding can be done is the garden, so I use a hoe and a rake.. not exactly precision work.
    Have a good week.

    1. Una's very clever about having a certain bark for a rabbit. It sounds like Una would be content to just let the rabbit have at it in your garden.
      The stand-up weeder is a better match for me now. I tend to over bend when using a hoe and a rake. It is possible to cover a lot more ground faster with the hoe and the rake though, or that used to be the case for me once upon a time.

  5. These are great thankfuls! I love love love blueberries!

    1. Thank you. We love blueberries too, but we are going to need some warmer weather to ripen them.

  6. Yummy thankfuls! I'm enjoying local berries.

    1. I am enjoying strawberries which are ripe in our area, but we are all waiting for the warmer weather to ripen the blueberries.