Friday, October 11, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

There are times when taking time or making time to write a post for a Ten Things of Thankful blog hop may seem not of the utmost importance considering other elements of one's life, but then again perhaps it is then, and especially then, that it is a good thing to do. Based on this musing, here goes. Kristi of Thankful Me is the host of Ten Things of Thankful and has the help of co-hosts, Clark, Dyanne, Lisa and myself. We hope  you will considering joining us. Click here to see the rules for participating in this blog hop. 

1. That our children have opportunities to travel and become acquainted with those living in countries other than their own and to visit in person some areas of our own country that they have never seen

2. For being able to get the piano tuned
It was hard to believe, but it had been four years since we last had the piano tuned, so it was long overdue. 

3. That I didn't hit the bloated dead skunk laying on its back in the road today
When you are approaching the crest of the hill on a narrow two-lane road with no shoulders alongside, and there is a dead skunk just inside the center line on your side, you just hope for the best. Thankfully the best was what I got. . .just the scraping sound of its toenails against the tires, and a hint of aroma for a mile or so. 

4. That it wasn’t the chassis of my car in the parking lot this week that a squirrel with an acorn in its mouth chose to ascend

5. For seeing the unexpected from a safe distance
One morning this week when the dew was still on the grass I looked out and saw this three-point and his harem of seven. I went upstairs to see if I could get a better view of him to take his photo. As the herd rounded the house, all but the three-point got spooked and started dashing here and there. (I thought perhaps the light from the camera scared them.) They ran away, but not him. He came charging up the hill right under the window where I was standing inside taking the photos. I took one photo of him when he was even closer, but unfortunately it was sort of blurry. He looked right at me, like "Leave my girls alone." I suspect if I'd been outside that close to him he would have charged me.

Three-point buck

6. For blessings given for healing,  comfort and encouragement
This week my mother received a blessing of comfort, and even though she is unable to hear, I believe that some things are felt in the heart through the Spirit. 

7. For help that is only a phone call away

8. For my brother and his counsel and thoughts regarding our mother

9. For a phone call from a nephew
I appreciated his call and his concern.

10. For Vic and his encouragement, understanding and love

11. For those who have been blessed with beautiful voices and are willing to share their voices with the world
Sissel Kyrkjebø was a guest performer at a concert with The Tabernacle Choir this past summer. She sings like an angel.

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  1. What a great stink free week! My goodness she has an angelic voice and such an important message. I had slow it down kind of day on Friday and took myself to lunch and the thrift shop.

    1. Thanks, Lisa.

      You are so right about the message of the song.

      I have taken myself to thrift shops many times in my life, but I think I could count on one hand the times I have taken myself to lunch, unless you count drive-in restaurants.

  2. Can identify with the deer encounter. Although it's been a while since we've seen a deer with antlers in the yard. But everyone else shows up at dusk at our apple try for diner. They are used to Una and her barking and will go about eating but it seems that movement (if I walk up to the window) gets them to decide to find a less crowded eatery.

    1. Walking up to the window slowly usually doesn't concern the deer here, however, we have never had a three-point that close to any of the windows. Our apple trees are certainly an attractant as well.

  3. Got to #3 and headed right down here to comment post haste, lol. My gosh Pat, "just the scraping sound of its toenails against the tires, and a hint of aroma for a mile or so." The entirety of this thankful was so well described, it's like I was right there with you :D
    I agree with you about taking the time to write a TToT. It is a good thing. I am thankful Kristi has kept it alive and well.

    1. Funny, but in all my years of living, I don't recall seeing a dead skunk in that same position with those little feet so visibly displayed. And who knew. . .that the toenails of a skunk could "play the tires." LOL

  4. I think I need to call you! Hope everything is OK. I think I can picture exactly where that skunk must have been; that crest is such a tricky place in the road.
    A tuned piano is a delight!

    1. We will talk soon. I knew you would be winding down and catching up for a couple of days.

      Although I know the piano probably sounds better, I honestly haven't even sat down to play the piano since getting it tuned. Other things have seemed more important for now. Music has definitely been a part of my life on a daily basis though.