Saturday, October 5, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful time is upon us. Our host, Kristi of Thankful Me, opens the link each Friday to give us time to write about those things that put a positive spin on our lives. In reality there are many challenges that people face during each week and not everything in our lives is hunky dory, but with a little thought we can see the sunny side of life.  Clark, Dyanne, Lisa and myself all help out by being co-hosts and visit and read your posts too. You still have time to link up. It stays open until Tuesday. Check out the rules for the blog hop here.

1. Calendars
What would we do without them? It is so much easier to have a calendar to remind me of appointments,  responsibilities, and things that I really want to do, like watch General Conference today. When I drove to another town to visit my mom between sessions and wasn't able to get back in time to see the beginning of the afternoon session, my husband started recording it on the TV so I wouldn't miss any of it. I hadn't asked him to do that, because I was hoping to be back in time. I love him for doing that for me.

2. The flowers that are still blooming reminding me it is still fall and we haven’t had freezing weather at our elevation just yet

This huge planter of flowers brings
a bit of cheer at the entrance of
 an assisted living facility

3. For those times this week when the heavy rainstorms that were occurring when I went into a store had ceased and was replaced with sunshine as I was exiting the building

4. The locating post on my electric can opener
After becoming totally frustrated by my inability to correctly use my electric can opener, it remained unused, for the most part, for years. This week however, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to use a hand can opener to open a box full of cans of expired food without wrecking havoc with my hands. Fortunately I still had the instruction manual, so I read the instructions "again" and found out why I had been so unsuccessful. My hands are living proof that I got  it to work this time!

5. Places to escape, if only for a day or two, in order to have a change of scenery from activities and responsibilities
Depending on the stage in one’s life, the times of being able to escape may be ever so brief, but still so important.

6. Stories that can be told in six sentences for a blog hop (Six Sentence Stories - Coast) and then can be  tweaked a bit to use for one of my real life stories I wrote this week

7. Old photos and the memories they stir
My husband has been writing stories about some of the photos taken of his family when he was  growing up.  I am so thankful that he is sharing these stories with our family.

8. Verifying the possibility that a family story really could have happened in the manner reported
When one of my grandmothers was still alive she had mentioned to some in the family that she thought her father had died from trying to save a cow that had contracted rabies after the cow had been bitten by a rabid dog. Interestingly enough there are reports online of some who have died in that same way. My great grandfather died in 1908 so the chances that he would have had any way to survive rabies would have been next to impossible.

9. The example of those who know the power forgiveness can have on both the offender and the one offended
This week I was very touched by the courtroom scene where a young man hugged the woman who had been found guilty of killing his brother.  What a blessing it is for him to have learned this important lesson at a young age.

10. Relationships
The relationship that exists between husband and wife
Relationships between parents and children 
Relationships between children and their siblings 
Relationships among the ancestors and descendants 
Relationships between friends, neighbors, co-workers and those within our spheres of existence

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  1. What a thoughtful list of thankfuls!

  2. Thank you for such an insightful list!

  3. Aren't Six Sentence Stories fun when you are trying to expand them? It's like, "Wait a minute... you fought tooth and nail my efforts to reduce a simple story to six sentences and now, when theres no limit, you like sit there?"
    Good TToT

    1. So true about expanding stories. Then again when expanding a story, the thought comes.. Have I said enough or is it way too much information (in the case of life experiences).

  4. I'm glad you got the can opener to work.
    I've been enjoying the photos and memories. Keep 'em coming!
    Rabies? And contracted from a cow? I think I would have remembered that story! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I don't know if my grandma was still living at home when her dad died. When you get a chance check out the links in #8. Cows who have rabies will sometimes appear to be choking, and so an unsuspecting farmer or vet might think there is something stuck in the cow's throat. If by chance the farmer or vet has an open sore such as a scratch on the skin of his hand or arm when he reaches into the throat of the cow to dislodge the suspected item, he risks getting rabies. This was how I understood what I read on the links.