Saturday, July 20, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

"A day late and a dollar short" possibly could apply here with this day late of getting my Ten Things of Thankful blog hop post linked. Kristi of Thankful Me, and also the host of Ten Things of Thankful, was right on the ball getting the link open so all of you who were biting at the bit to share all those things for which you are thankful had a place to go. It isn't too late for you to share some of your gratitudes. The link stays open until Tuesday, but in reality it is never too late consider the thankful moments in one's life.

1. These twin fawns are just stepping out from under the solar panels. It seems their mom left them there while she went elsewhere. There were a couple of young bucks (maybe babysitters?) with them for a while. Hopefully nothing has happened to the mom, but they look in pretty good shape, so maybe they will be able to venture out on their own if something has happened to her. I am thankful we live where we can never tire of seeing wildlife.

Twin fawns stepping out from
under the solar panels
2. Our very old butterfly bush decided to "pop" this week. It has also been the habitat of many hummingbirds over the years. I'm not sure if they love it because it is within a short distance of the hummingbird feeders or if the branches are just right for building their nests, or both. Whatever is the case, the butterfly bush is all theirs, and I am thankful for the scent of the flowers too.

3. We had a date afternoon rather than a date night. A date to see a movie in the afternoon fits our senior schedule and also has the benefit of the senior discount! This was such an interesting movie on so many levels. Loved it!

4. The fluorescent fixture in one of our rooms just needed a new ballast rather than a new fixture, and while the electricians were here, they were able do an easy fix on another fixture. Yeah!

5. I am thankful for recognizing the serendipitous moments in a marriage when you realize how you both are on the same wave length. Google has been our friend this week as we have searched for information about the benefits of a possibly getting a heat pump. One day I found a site that had a lot of helpful information. I sent the link to my husband, only to discover within seconds that he had sent me the same link!

6. It was fun to walk around a nearby lake with a couple of friends one morning this week. Good exercise and conversation!

7. One late afternoon this week I went grocery shopping. When I got home, I opened the refrigerator to put the first item on a top shelf. Although I knew there was a two-quart pitcher full of sugar water on the same shelf, I somehow managed to tip it over. (We use the sugar water to refill the hummingbird feeders.) There are some thankfuls here in spite of a very sticky mess. Just two weeks ago I had  cleaned the refrigerator, so this time around there was less to clean. The  rag drawer is right next to the refrigerator. . . no reason, just was an empty drawer when I needed a place to put such items. Our children are grown. . . no little children to be inquiring "What happened?" and no little feet walking through the sticky liquid that that splashed on the surrounding floor. It was easier to clean up the mess than it was to clean up the gallon jar of honey that fell and broke on the kitchen floor when the kids were little!

8. Finding relatives is fun, and as you know I enjoy trying to locate old documents of my ancestors. This week I received a message on from someone who is related to the brother of my dad's cousin's husband. She invited me to email her, so I did. In my email I didn't tell her where I lived, but did mention a move our family had made to another state when I was young. In her reply she shared where she was now living, and guess what! She lives here! Here! We possibly have passed each other on the street or in a grocery store. I am looking forward to meeting her soon. 

9. The tractor has all its wheels again and now the weeds are much shorter, thanks to my husband. We needed to special order a new tire for the tractor, because our tractor is old and those wheels are not as easy to get now. We have been waiting for weeks for the replacement. Weeds can grow a lot during that time since we have had the perfect kind of weather to promote such a happening.

10. The car part for the dashboard is on its way, so within another week or so, we should be able to get that installed. Meanwhile there has not been anymore times when the dashboard has acted up. 

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  1. So many special moments, and i'm so glad for you that the car dashboard is working. Once i was on the interstate and the electrical system of the car kept popping on and off, it was scary, i can imagine a car dash not working probably has about the same effect.

    1. Oh, I can totally imagine how scaring that would have been to have the electrical system on your car popping on and off!

  2. Such a super fun week! Glad you had such lovely R and R!!

  3. Hey! I had a deer photo this week too! (It was funny. We can tell by the bark what Una is trying to alert us to, this time, from another part of the house I heard her and thought, 'Cat!'* But when I went to the front door (to get the cat to flee the property) it was a deer. Staring back at the house and Una, wondering what the fuss was all about.
    The internet is very useful for small fixes and repairs, especially the youtube. I find watch a repair being done is much better than merely reading about it.

    *Una really doesn't care for felines...

    1. For me, I watch how something is done, but then expand my knowledge a little further by reading just to clear up questions I might have about what was said in a video.

      So if I understand you right, Una is content to just stare down a deer, but cats get the riot act. LOL

      Definitely a "deer from coast to coast" week on TToT. :-)

  4. The honey spilling down the front of the dishwasher was such a memorable sight! (Are you implying that we didn't help then?! ;-) ) Glad you were able to get the sugar water cleaned up, even without our help! :-)

    1. Aw, you were a bit older, so I think you probably had your hands full entertaining the youngest for a while. :-)

  5. Aww, sweet baby deer! Hope mama didn't leave them alone for long.
    Ugh to cleaning up all that sugar water, but you're right - it's way better than cleaning up honey!
    It's great to be in-tune with your spouse!
    Good to hear the car is finally going to be all better!

    1. I think the fawns may be on their own now, but they seem to be thriving. :-)

      As it turned out the car part that arrived was the wrong one, so still waiting, but the car is doing okay.