Friday, July 5, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

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Kristi of Thankful Me, and host of the blog hop, Ten Things of Thankful, invited me to be one of the co-hosts. With that in mind, you will now be able to quickly see which bloggers have shared their TToT each week without needing to go to the Ten Things of Thankful page. You can go there if you wish, but it isn't necessary. You are welcome to read the various posts and make comments on their posts if you like. If you are feeling grateful, write a post on your own  blog and link up. 

1. I am very appreciative that there are people who do work others are unable to do. . .for whatever reason.

2. The technician knew right away what the problem was, based on my description. He personally had experienced the same thing with his own car. The dashboard on our car will be back in working order as soon as the new part arrives and is installed. I'm thankful for a quick answer to this car problem.

3. The arborist was able to come take a look at our big maple tree that suffered from a microburst during a recent thunder and lightning storm. I am thankful that he knows what needs to be done and will be able to return in a few weeks to do the job. (The company has been very busy since the storm.) The sad news is that part of the tree is dying.

4. I am thankful for hair salons that welcome walk-ins. This week I called ahead. The place I go, allows same day appointments as well as walk-ins. I have done it both ways, but if I don’t want to chance the possibility of having to wait a bit, I call in the morning and schedule an appointment.

5. Every July 4 for as long as I can remember, our church has held a July 4th breakfast. Tables are set up outside the church. Those who attended were asked to bring breakfast casseroles this year, while some of the leaders prepared sausage, provided the beverages and platters of fruit. There was plenty of food for all who attended. Before the breakfast there was a short program consisting of the Scouts presenting the colors, those in attendance saying of the pledge of allegiance, a patriotic musical number, and a speaker who talked a little bit about the history of the founding of our nation. At the conclusion of the breakfast, the children participated in a short parade with them riding their decorated trikes, bikes, and wagons, etc. I am thankful for traditions.

6. As we have gotten older we are content to watch the fireworks from the comfort of our home via the television. I am thankful for all who share their talents to put on such outstanding performances and music to accompany the fireworks.

7. Years back when we lived in an unfinished home we used boards and large concrete blocks to make some shelves. Other than the drawers in few dressers we had, we had very few drawers. When we were finally able to have the hidden spaces provided by more drawers, it was easy to put things in them and kind of forget how much was stored within them and at the bottom of some of the deeper drawers. I am thankful for the time to go through some of them and free up some space. I see no reason to hang on to directories that are 10 years old. LOL

8. I am thankful for larvae that feeds on noxious weeds. The larvae that devours tansy ragwort will become small red and black cinnabar moths, and from all counts we will be seeing a lot of them this year.

Orange and black striped larvae
of the cinnabar moths feeding on
tansy ragwort plants

9. The characters from Sesame Street impacted the lives of our children, and I guess my own. I didn’t realize until I listened to them singing at The Capitol Fourth Concert how touched I would be by these characters and the memories that flooded into my mind from 50 years ago. Happy Anniversary Sesame Street.

10. Never ending stories from historical records continue to amaze me. It seems that finding some answers only poses a new question and something else to be discovered. I am thankful for these new discoveries that lead me closer to my roots.

A young oak tree still attached to
the acorn and showing the very
long root (I pulled it up from a
pile of bark chips.)

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  1. I was wondering what happened with the car. Glad you can get it taken care of quickly and easily.

    So, the maple is only partly dead? Does that mean the tree can be saved? I hope so!

    I recognized most of those Sesame Street sketches for the first few decades, from my childhood and then my kids', but once they got older I haven't seen the newer episodes.

    1. Yes, part of the tree is dying, The arborist will remove part of the tree, but not all of it.

      What! You haven’t seen the newer episodes? LOL

  2. I read about your 4th celebration to Hans. We liked that a lot and like watching fireworks indoors too.

    1. The July 4 breakfasts have been quite the tradition.

      Watching the fireworks from inside is so much easier and it beats trying to negotiate through all the heavy traffic late at night.

  3. Good news with the car (and that you avoided the 'works just fine when a mechanic is looking at it' syndrome.)
    Hey I had shelves like those! lol. Fortunately Phyllis is quite organized and knows where most things in the house are.
    This year, we're growing clover... well, to be more precise, we're not mowing all the clover patches that spring up in the grass. Green is green and I believe the bees feel seriously about having a source of clover.

    1. I tend to know where most things are, or at least my husband has that opinion of me. LOL
      For a few years we purposely planted red clover as a cover crop in the area where we were going to plant a garden later. It was beautiful when it bloomed, and yes the bees loved it.
      It might be a rare person or couple who hasn’t used bricks and boards for shelving at one point or another in their lives. We might have used them a bit longer than some, but maybe not.

  4. Glad the car issue wasn't anything worse! It's a shame about the tree. Was the tree already dying and vulnerable to the storm and you didn't know it until the storm hit it? A huge tree branch up the street came down during an ice storm several years ago, and you could see that the branch was rotten inside.
    The oak tree growing out of the acorn is WAY COOL!

    1. Yes, the tree is already dying and was vulnerable. We just didn't recognize the signs that part of it was dying. Although I had noticed that there were an unusual number of seed pods (those things kids refer to as helicopters) on the tree this year, I didn't know that having such a large number of them was an indication that the tree is dying. We will know more later as to just exactly how much of the tree will be removed now.

      I loved seeing that long root on the little oak tree.