Sunday, June 16, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers, hope-to-be fathers, and those men who play the role of a father figure to those who no longer have a father in their lives. I am especially thankful for my husband who has played such a pivotal role in our family and in the rearing of our children.

It is Ten Things of Thankful time. Each week a blog hop hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me invites all who wish to share things for which they are grateful to link up. The number specified in the title is ten, but that is not a hard and fast rule. What is important is the action of expressing thankfulness. Click the link and you will have a chance to read the posts of other bloggers.

1. Having our house pressure washed in preparation for getting it painted soon

2. Decluttering, continued
Being able to find sites that recycle batteries and learning more about how to prepare certain batteries before dropping them off
Trashing some very old pillows (I really wish there were some better options for these.)
Dropping off old prescription medications to one of the appropriate drop sites

3. Spending one day at the coast to get away from the high nineties heat in the valley mid week

4. Taking a hike part way up a trail behind a lighthouse and listening to the inner voice saying don’t go any higher
My husband was busy taking photos of the peregrine falcons on the cliffs surrounding the parking lot by the visitors center. I decided to use my time hiking up to the lighthouse area. He knew where I was going, but since my decision to hike up the trail on a high hill behind the lighthouse was a last minute decision on my part, he didn’t know the change in my plans. I was hiking alone and didn’t have a walking stick with me. When I reached a certain place on the trail, there was a step about a foot high that caused me to pause and consider if I could safely ascend and descend without falling on the graveled path. I decided not to take the risk. Next time around, I will take a walking stick, go with someone and let someone know my destination.

Looking up from the trail
toward the top of the hill at
 Yaquina Head. The hill is
covered with a lot of salal
which was in bloom. 

5. Commiserating with my husband about what were the possibilities of saving the life of a hummingbird we found on the ground
We were not sure what had caused his injury. He couldn’t fly. He may have flown into a window pane, although that would have been extremely rare. In all the years we have lived here there has not been a hummingbird that has done that. There have been some other birds that have occasionally hit one of the windows. Hummingbirds do not have a body meant for walking, so when we discovered him on the ground, his taking  a step and trying to flap his wings resulted in him just falling over on his side. Vic got a dropper and filled it with sugar water to see if the bird would drink some. After a while It did. We put the hummingbird on an old washcloth that we put in a little cardboard box. We offered him sugar water from time to time, but by the next morning he was dead. Even in the best of circumstances, like living next door to a veterinary, being able to diagnose the injury of a hummingbird and then treat it isn’t an easy task. I am thankful for my husband’s caring heart.

6. For my husband’s strength in being able to fix one of the sliding closet doors which had caused me quite a bit of frustration this past week

7. For some weeds which do not have deep roots and are easier to dislodge from the ground

8. For being able to see the rings around Saturn this past week, albeit not exactly clearly since I was just using binoculars

9. Sharing in the happiness of others
A friend was receiving a special ordinance at the temple one day this past week. Several of her friends, along with myself, were there to share this happy occasion with her. 

10. Apps and online sites that provide patient and family support to those who are facing difficult health journeys
Whether it is a life threatening illness or one that will continue throughout one’s entire life, these sites can bring a degree of peace and support to the patient and to their loved ones. Check to learn more about charities that can help. 


  1. Another lovely week of gratitudes!

  2. excellent video I never get tired of the ocean.
    decluttering is always a worthy task, simple is good.
    we're currently engaged in a disassembly of a brush pile. (now is mostly raking up rotted wood and chips and wheel-barrowing to a spot in the woods for safe-keeping lol)
    'Discretion is the better part of valor'

    1. I don't ever get tired of the sounds, the sights and the rhythms on the coastal shores.
      One can never have too much rotted wood and chips in safe-keeping. LOL
      I'll have to remember this Shakespeare quotation the next time I face possible danger.

  3. Sorry about the hummingbird; I forgot to ask you yesterday what had happened.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos once the house is painted!
    Glad you made a wise choice about that hike.
    Love the photos of Dad!

    1. If I had been "talking in a straight line" you perhaps might have heard the end of the story. HaHa
      I am trying to be wiser as I get older. LOL (See Clark's quotation above regarding my decision.)
      Glad you like seeing the photos.