Saturday, March 16, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

It is time for ten. Ten what you might wonder. Well those of you who have been visiting my blog for a while, know that I enjoy participating in the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me. As you look back through my posts you will find that this is the blog hop that I have participated in the longest, and that is because I feel that it is so important to remember to be thankful. Click here to see some of the benefits. Click this link to get access to the posts others are sharing on this subject this week and also to find out how you can take part in this blog hop.

Purple striped crocus emerging through a
a layer of dead maple leaves

1 - Being able to get another load of wood pellets, just in case, even though we are getting some warmer days now when starting the stove isn’t necessary 

2 - Thanks to my husband that the 50 bags of pellets are all stored and readily available

3 - Being able to schedule a tour of an alpaca farm for this coming week after weeks of waiting for perfect timing (weather and health improvement)

4 - My husband's discovery of some crocuses in bloom and calling me to bring my camera outside with me

Yellow crocus reaching toward the sky
amidst bark dust and mature maple tree seeds

5 - Finishing my mom’s tax preparation packet for her accountant, because I have power of attorney and that is one of the things I take care of for her

6 - The name I was given at birth (I did some reflecting this week on why my father chose my name and why specifically he chose that name.) What do you know about your naming?

7 - A friend offering to pick me up to attend a Women’s Conference that we both were planning to attend this morning

Purple crocus growing against a young sapling

8 - Group texting with our daughters and our son when we were all free to text at the same time

9 - Some of my old journals that I was able to peruse today (I was looking for some specific information, which I didn't find, but it was fun being reminded of so many other things that have taken place in my life.) When was the last time you read something that you wrote about some aspect of your life, say 10 years or longer ago? Were there things you read that you had totally forgotten?

10 - Old newspaper ads that remind us how little things used to cost, but because wages were drastically lower then, it was still a struggle to pay the bills


  1. Wonderful gratefuls! My name came from the Rex Morgan comic strip.

    1. Thanks. I'd forgotten all about the Rex Morgan comic strip! Thanks for the memory jarring.

  2. Love the flowers!
    That's a lot of wood pellets.
    You remind me, I have to file taxes . . . not looking forward to it.
    Group texting is great. Saves us time too.

    1. Glad you like the flowers. My husband informed me that the deer decided they tasted good. :(
      We buy the pellets by the pallot. It is a little cheaper that way.
      Group texting does save time . . .so much better than copying and pasting when you want everyone to be aware of something.

  3. I hope that you have fun at the alpaca farm! I'm sure I don't have to remind Dad to take lots of photos. :-) (Maybe you'll get lucky and there will be a hedgehog there, too.)

    1. European hedgehogs are illegal in our state. African pygmy hedgehogs are legal in Oregon, but somehow I just don't expect to see one at the alpaca farm we are going to visit. :-)
      It is going to be a picture perfect day!

  4. excellent flower photos!
    old newspaper ads are kinda fun... and while there is certainly a bit of reverse sticker shock with the prices, some of the changes hidden in 'the numbers' are even more impressive.
    Certainly a household struggled to come up with the $2100 for a 1960s Ford Falcon station wagon (we had)... but that was on one income and 'normal' hours. Nowadays, (it seems) that everyone on a household works and a 9-5 work week is very rare.
    Thought-provoking TToT as usual
    have a good week.

    1. Thanks. Glad you like the photos.
      Interesting comment about the comparison of the number of people in a household now who have jobs and the hours they work.