Friday, October 26, 2018

Six Sentence Stories - Classics

She who hesitates as to which way to go with a prompt, isn't the first to post to a blog hop link. Such is my situation this time around for responding to the cue given by Denise Farley of Girlie on the Edge's Blog for the Six Sentence Stories - Classics blog hop. Be sure to click the link after reading my post to read some more posts on this subject.

The sound emanating from the speakers in the car wasn´t what one might have expected to be the choice of some teens while riding in a vehicle with their mother, but she didn't complain about this piece from one of the classics played by many high school orchestras. 

Music was a part of their lives, theirs and hers. 

She was enjoying the drive, having taken the old highway with the slower speed limits instead of the freeway on this sunny day. 

While some moms struggled with how their children squabbled and fought over the least little thing when they were experiencing an inward bout with their hormones, she was thankful that didn´t seen to be the case most of the time in her own family. 

The communication between them was amicable while she was lost in thought enjoying the quickening beat of the music.

It wasn´t until her son said loudly, with great surprise, ¨Mom, you´re  speeding!¨ that she realized how her foot on the accelerator had been responding.



  1. totally un-studied area of musico-psychology: effects of music on driving (and tolerating extraneous noise)! lol

  2. Driving to the music is a classical mistake and can be costly! Good six.

  3. Ha! Caught myself speeding today while enjoying a tune. Nicely done six.

  4. Great 6, Pat :) It's nice when parents and kids share a love of music.
    Loud, intense music creates the lead in my foot, especially if I happen to be on 95 or the NJ Turnpike lol

    1. Thanks. The next time I see someone speeding, I'm going to wonder what music is playing in the car.

  5. Lovely. so easy done with good music while driving.