Saturday, November 11, 2017

SSS - baked

What do you think of when you hear the word baked? A sweet memory came to my mind. This post is being linked to Zoe's Six Sentence Stories - baked.  By clicking the link you will have an opportunity to read some more stories written in only six sentences.
Enjoy and then maybe write one of your own.

After getting a small fir tree to put on their Green Stamps-purchased card table, there was almost no money left to buy Christmas ornaments, other than the popcorn and cranberries to string.

That evening as they walked down the sidewalk of the small college town, reflecting on what would be their first Christmas together since their marriage, they passed a little craft store, not much bigger than a barber shop. Although neither of them had even noticed the store until that moment, they ventured inside with the thought that perhaps they could find something to make ornaments for the tree. The sales lady gave them some suggestions that wouldn't cost too much, and they left with a bag of clear tiny rough-shaped objects resembling miniature beads without holes.

When they returned to their upstairs apartment owned by an endearing elderly couple who had immigrated from Denmark, they quickly went to work placing thin layers of the plastic beads in the cupcake pans and in the star-shaped form they'd created with aluminum foil, and carefully placed them in the antique gas oven to be baked, just long enough for the beads to merge.

After the ornaments cooled, she strung some thread through a little open space in each ornament and hung them on the tree, and then last of all carefully placed the shining star on the top.

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