Thursday, November 16, 2017

Six Sentence Stories - marble

If you are short on time today, but just are feeling like reading a few short blog posts, try perusing some of the Six Sentence Stories. This is a blog hop that Zoe administers. I'm linking my post at her site over at Uncharted. Click the link SSS - Marble to see what other bloggers have written using the cue word this week. The sentences may be long or short, but the story needs to be only six sentences.


There were signs under the edges and in between. Some of them had never been seen by the former owners. She couldn't imagine having them and not at least holding them and turning them.

There was a time or two when she did some exploring with a sharp kitchen knife in hand when her curiosity won out. She turned back the thick cover and turned the sharp edge of the blade outwards away from her before making a slow deliberate slice between the first two sheets which had the appearance of being just one folded back on itself.

There was no beauty to behold on these rough edges, unlike the sheets pressed firm and aligned perfectly in some books with the marble-like designs.

The top book was printed in 1900 and the bottom book was printed in 1898. The edges of the top book have been marbled and feel quite smooth. The bottom book has pages that were apparently very roughly separated. Once in a while we still come across some pages that haven't been separated. Each of the books are among others in sets.

This is the cover of the book printed in 1898. Note the marbled cover in blues and golden hues.

This is the inside of the cover of the book printed in 1900.  The marbled paper is quite shiny and slick. The marbling here is a combination of greens and blues and golden colors.


  1. That was interesting. I love books and I volunteer at the library processing books for circulation. I processed 'The Noel Diary' that uneven rough edges and that caught my attention, so I looked closer at it and decided to check it out and read it. (one of the bonuses of processing) Funny to then read your piece and see your photos today.

    1. Sometimes there are some very serendipitous things that occur in life. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

  2. I'll add to what Ted here has said, interesting post today. The Six is fun (almost could smell the slightly mothy smell of old books), but the supporting information made it extra enjoyable.

    1. I love book stores and especially old books. Sometimes the old books have little notes slipped in between the pages or handwritten notes on the actual pages. I'm glad that the photos were helpful too.