Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful

Why should we be grateful and is it really important to write about such things? To my way of thinking, it is because as sure as anything, there will be times in one's life when things are just not going to be sailing along smoothly and trying to keep from being dragged down into the deep water may be the test to avoid at all costs. At those points, having a journal or a blog post that one can refer to where expressions of gratitude have been recorded has the capacity to help lift one's spirits and keep one from falling into despair.

So here I am once more, writing my Ten Things of Thankful post which I will be linking to Josie Two Shoes' Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. The link is open each Thursday evening and stays open until the following Tuesday evening which gives bloggers several days to work on their posts. By clicking the link one can see the posts of other bloggers and see the wide variety of things people share.

1. Apple trees - We have a few apples trees. Not only do we enjoy eating fresh apples, but so do the deer. The apples aren't ready to eat now, but the deer seem to think some of the apples are nearly ripe.

Twin fawns searching for fallen apples under the tree

2. Salt - One day this past week when I threw a couple of shower curtains in the washing machine to launder, I added only a little laundry detergent because it was a light load. I should have added something a little heavier to the load and not as much detergent as I did. I didn't factor in the fact that there was some soap and shampoo clinging to the curtains. The machine was unable to rinse all those extra suds from the machine with the light weight curtains plastered against the inside of the tub, and it got stuck on four minutes to go before the end of the cycle. After manually stopping the machine, removing the very sudsy curtains and placing them in the laundry tub in order to hand rinse them, I was left with a machine full of suds to be scooped out by hand. I took the bucket full of suds from the machine outside. After rinsing off the curtains in the laundry tub, I sprinkled salt over the suds to minimize them and wash them down the drain. I came across this little trick many years ago.

Too many suds in the washing machine

3. Trying a new (to me) kind of fruit - While observing someone selecting some fruit from the other side of a fruit display in the grocery store, I inquired as to what kind of fruit it was. I was told it was dragon fruit. I decided to purchase one to see if I liked it. The taste is mild but I combined some with some pineapple and liked the combined taste.

Unpeeled dragon fruit
Partly peeled dragon fruit

Peeled dragon fruit laying upon bright rose colored peelings which have yellow tips
Peeled dragon fruit cut in half revealing the myriad of tiny black seeds within the white flesh of the fruit. The entire peeled fruit is edible.

4. Poppies - Some seed growers in Oregon grow poppies. I often pass this beautiful field of golden poppies on my way to visit my Mom.

Field of golden colored poppies appearing as a carpet for some sprinklers on metal wheels. There are fir trees in the near field with a visible range of mountains in the distance. The sky is blanketed with cumulous clouds.

5. Monarch butterflies - Today my husband and I got to watch someone tag some monarch butterflies and release them. These are such beautiful creatures which are mostly orange, but are outlined in black with orange and yellow spots on the black.

Monarch butterfly waiting on a screen before being tagged

6. Time - My Mother has lived another six months since her last birthday. Each day, week, and month are special these days since she has lived past 100 years now.

My husband and I with my Mom
 7. Being related - This last one counts for all the rest of my thankfuls this time. I discovered this week that there is someone in the church where I attend who has a grandmother who was the sister missionary who taught me many years ago before I was baptized. I was amazed to discover what a small world it really is. Not only that, but I am related distantly to the husband of the missionary who taught me. (He was deceased at the time she served her mission.)


  1. Too many suds in the washing machine. Sounds like a metaphor for something, just not sure what that might be.


    I tried star fruit. Not such a fan. Apples on the other hand. Mmm.

    Love your field full of poppies photo with the clouds in the sky above.

    1. I actually like the taste of star fruit better than the taste of the dragon fruit. Some types of dragon fruit are red inside and others are yellow. I don't know if they taste the same as the type I had.
      There are so many different varieties of apples. I tend to enjoy the taste of the Gala and Fiji apples the best just for fresh eating apples.

  2. I so appreciate your introductions to our weekly TToT link-up, Pat! I agree with you that not only does the sharing of our gratitude reflect our spirit of thankfulness, but also serves to lift us up in the times when life conspires to pull us down. I always feel better after I set my mind to making my thankful list or reading someone else's list.

    We had an apple tree in our back yard when I was a child, the apples were tart, good for baking, but I wasn't fond of picking up the spoiled ones that had fallen on the ground. I am sure the deer are happy to have yours!

    I've made that mistake with laundry soap before, and it sure is a mess to clean up! Now I will remember your tip about using salt to help with the suds.

    I've heard of dragon fruit, but never eaten it or seen it to buy. I'm going to watching for it now, such a pretty covering!!

    Poppies are beautiful, a whole field of them is amazing to see! I love butterflies too, visiting butterfly houses whenever there is one someplace we go is always such a delight! I never cease to be amazed at all the beauty and variety of color, form, and purpose God created for us to enjoy!

    You have indeed been blessed to have your mother present in your life for so many years, and I am glad she is close enough that you can spend time with her and cherish the moments. This was such a sweet picture of the three of you!

    Being related most definitely counts for many thankfuls! It is so amazing how your will bump into someone who knows or is related to someone else, which only goes to prove once again that no encounter happens by accident. I have recently reconnected with some cousins and in doing so have learned more about my Grandmother who immigrated from Sweden with her family when she was seven years old. I was very young when she passed from cancer and have only one actual memory of being with her. My hair color comes from her, something that always made me smile.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thankful with us each week, they always bring a smile to my day. May the remainder of this week be one of peace and joy for you. <3

    1. Picking up spoiled fruit from under trees is not pleasant, especially if there are yellow jackets all over them.
      Dragon fruit is pricy in our area. I suspect it is much cheaper in Florida or California. Because of the price, I probably won't be purchasing them very often.
      That is exciting that you have learned more about your Grandmother who immigrated from Sweden. One of my great grandfathers was married to a Swedish immigrant.

  3. Your Mom looks great for 100+! How amazing to reach the century mark :)
    I'm with you. I buy only Fuji or Gala apples although I do enjoy a perfect, not to tart, not too tangy, Granny Smith.
    The poppies are beautiful. My last trip to California (1979) we went driving somewhere coastal and passed many fields of poppies, an incredible sight.
    I always see Dragon fruit at the Asian market where I buy my produce but have never ventured to try it!
    The Monarchs are beautiful but how on earth do you tag a butterfly?!

    1. Apparently Mom has some fantastic longevity genes.
      If you google youtube with the two words tag and butterfly you will be able to watch how it is done. Basically one sticks a little dot (kind of like a post-it dot) on one of the wings, but it has to be done very carefully in a certain way. Our friends are trying to increase the population of the Monarch butterflies in this part of our state. We were invited over to see how it was done and to take some photographs.