Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful

It is that time again when I share ten things for which I am thankful. I look back at the previous week and create a list, and sometimes share photos that help get the point across. Sometimes the list is just a brief list, while other times there may be a story or a long explanation that accompanies one of the items. Each blogger that writes a post to be linked to Josie Two Shoes' Ten Things of Thankful blog hop also varies in their writing styles. Some bloggers post each week while others join up when they are able depending on their schedules. There is no scolding if one can't be there every week. Click the link to see what other bloggers have shared for their ten things. Comments are always welcomed. 

1. Click, click, clicks. One evening I was sitting on the sofa reading and heard sounds of click, click, clicks of hooves on the roof. I hadn't heard that sound since goats we used to have had gotten loose and jumped on top of the roof. Yes, they really did! (We have an earth sheltered home and the back of the roof is just a couple of feet from the ground.) Anyway, I finally was able to see the twin fawns that my husband had seen a few weeks back. The mama apparently hasn't taught them yet about staying off the roof. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good photo this time around. 

2. Things we learn from animals. We were able to go to the zoo at the beginning of the week and got there early enough that we had no trouble finding a parking spot this time. (The last time we went we returned home because there wasn't a vacant spot to park!)

This black bear exhibits one way of taking a nap, by lounging in a sturdy hammock with his head resting on a log and kept in position by a chain that holds the hammock.

Nora, the polar bear, demonstrates one way to get a back rub, by sitting on her rump and keeping the rest of her body vertical against the rock wall so she can rub her back against any bumpy outcroppings on the wall. With a little motion, or a lot, she can get a great workout as well as a back rub.

We don't have a hammock, but I did benefit from several naps on the sofa this week, and my husband gives great back rubs! After doing some more weeding, a back rub feels good.

3. Animals to greet you upon returning home. When I drove into our driveway one day after a trip to the grocery store, I was greeted by a wild turkey. I had my camera with me in the car, so I parked the car further out in the driveway and began snapping pictures. Finally the turkey flew up on a fence and I was able to get a picture that I could share. My husband had seen a couple of turkeys a few months back on our property, but I didn't get to seem them that time. They aren't as cuddly as a dog, but are interesting as long as they don't become territorial.

Wild turkey

4. Evening walks. This week I got in 10,000 steps on four different days! That may not be a big deal to some of you, but for me that is a huge improvement. We live in an area where there are roads that offer a bit of a challenge, because they are hilly, but a lot of the roadway is shaded, so even though one gets a good workout it is possible to stay cooler.

5. Perfect temperatures. Although we did have some very hot days this past week, Saturday was a perfect day. The temperature was in the high 70's which is my favorite. It was a splendid day to drive to Portland.

The aerial tram in Portland, OR is shown against the blue sky. There is a large tree in the foreground on the lower left corner of the photo. Passengers are on their way from the east side of the Willamette River to Oregon Health Sciences University which is on a high hill above the west side of the river. The tram is a blessing to those who might find it difficult to travel up to the hospital in the winter when the roads are especially slick from ice and/or snow. Tourists enjoy taking the tram to get a great view of the city.
6. Flowers that bring back memories. I am one of those individuals who associate certain flowers with individuals I know or have known. Every year when I was growing up, it seemed that my mother planted some zinnias. I grew to love those bright colored flowers, and they always remind me of her. What flower reminds you of a certain person?

Hot pink zinnias in a shrub bed at the Portland Zoo. There are seven opened blossoms on one plant. Each blossom has a yellow center.
7. Clothing to fit the occasion. One of our children gave us tickets to an event in Portland this weekend. It was suggested that attendees wear Hawaiian clothing, of which I had none. After going to several stores and not finding anything, I ventured into one of my favorite thrift stores and came up with an outfit that I thought might fit the occasion. The pants were even brand new with the original tickets still on them. I must add that I did have to overcome a little bit of fear of standing out wearing such bright clothing among people I didn't know. (We stopped at the nursing home to visit my Mom on the way to the event. I'm sure many of the residents had not seen such colorful attire in quite a while.) Are there certain colors of clothing that you resist wearing because those colors make you feel uncomfortable.

Hawaiian attire. Bright yellow long pants with brightly printed short sleeved blouse. The print is of bright hot pink, yellow, and orange exotic flowers as well as some kind of a tropical long- necked bright pink bird. There are also pink sequins on the bird. Light green and tan bamboo looking leaves are splattered here and there.

8. Being able to still do some things. I didn't plan on this happening this past week, but sometimes things just happen, like it or not. When we returned to where we had parked our car at the zoo, we had a predicament. There wasn't sufficient space for anyone to open the door on the driver's side. There was only one of us who could get in on the passenger's side and climb over the console between the front seats of our Prius. Now we are both getting up in years, so this was going to be a bit of a challenge, but I managed to do it with some grunting, and contortions that made me pray I wouldn't throw out my back. Soon we were headed home with me trying not to think about the show I put on for those driving through the parking lot at that time. 

9. Newer mammogram equipment. This past week it was that time of the year for me to go in to get a mammogram. Not many women look forward to this yearly procedure, myself included, because it isn't the most comfortable thing to have done. No more will this have to be a concern. The clinic now has a new 3D mammography system that not only reveals cancer a lot sooner than the older equipment, but it is not nearly so unpleasant to have done.

10. The goodness of others. It is all around us in this world. We just need to open our eyes and our hearts to see it. More importantly we need do good and be good. Sure there are things that are a concern, even a big concern, but I still believe good will win over evil if we all do something to recognize the difference and then promote the good in little ways and in big ways.

Wishing you each a wonderful week as you celebrate the 4th of the July if you live in the United States of America.


  1. I would love to be your neighbor, your TToT posts always feel so familiar and comfortable! I had to smile at little deer hooves on the roof, are you sure it wasn't reindeer?? :-) One of my sweetest childhood memories was waking up on summer mornings to the sound of squirrels running across the roof of my upstairs bedroom as they moved from tree to tree.

    I was happy to read that you did finally get to see the zoo and obviously had a good time! I love bears, and especially polar bears and their grace when in the water. This one looks pretty clever in devising a great backscratching method! The bear napping in the hammock is just too cute!

    Your area wildlife is wonderful, loved the turkey in tree! My niece in Minnesota often has them roaming in her backyard which borders the woods.

    You are doing AWESOME on your steps, evening walks are the best, so relaxing! You motivate me to consider getting out there in the evenings when it cools down a bit.

    A day in the high 70s is a perfect day, I would love that all year around! The tram has to be an awesome view!

    I smiled at your zinnias, I had totally forgotten about them, but now recall my mom growing them in her garden, I'm sure she loved all the bright colors. She also grew moss roses which I love as well, and have a pot of them on my deck just for her!

    I think your Hawaiian outfit is awesome!! I love bright colors and bold prints, and I just know you made people smile! Sunny yellow is such a happy color, my favorite next to royal purple. It's even more fun when you can find what you want and need at a great price.

    I have encountered that drivers side door problem before, and with my size it was surely not a pretty picture to see me squeezing myself in the passenger door and then clumsily maneuvering over the console. Oh for the days of bench seats! :-) I am glad you were able to do it though, without hurting any muscles or joints, I'm sure it made your husband chuckle, and you proved you still could! That's good for morale. :-)

    I haven't done the new 3D mammogram yet, but I definitely look forward to it being more comfortable, it's about time!

    I loved your concluding thoughts in #10 best of all, and I agree with you totally. If we believe in the power of Good and we practice good works, we can make a difference. Good can and will triumph over evil if we all try. Focusing on all the negatives just makes it a gloomy world to live in, instead lets add some brightness, love and joy!

    Have a happy and blessed week! XOXO

    1. It would be fun to be your neighbor, but I would not be able to take the heat there. I guess most of the homes probably have air conditioning there, so maybe I could stand it, if I didn't have to go outside. LOL
      We've joked about deer on our housetop. We are kind of use to the softer pads of the squirrels running across the roof. Some place back east there were some wild turkeys that almost acted like guard dogs and attacked visitors that came to a home. I can't remember how that problem was resolved.
      We haven't ridden the aerial tram yet, but plan to do that some time.
      I love moss roses. My in-laws used to have quite a lot of them.
      I hope you have a happy 4th and the rest of your week.

  2. I love animals. Once in a while, we'd eat in this restaurant with a farm to do some petting. My kids are too old to go with me to the zoo. We once had a membership and frequented the place.

    1. There were people of all ages at the zoo when we went. I think some people go to take photos, some to get exercise, since the zoo there is on hilly land, and some people just go to do something fun with their children or grandchildren.
      There is a restaurant on the coast in my state where there is an attached petting zoo.

  3. If there's an up-side to breast cancer, it's that I don't have to have mammograms anymore! They were always very painful for me, as I had horrible fibrocystic disease. The 3-D machine sounds delightful! Prayers for a good report!

    Okay, that napping black bear? I have TOTALLY done that trick! When my daughter was still dancing, she was in the advanced class, which met later at night, but not old enough to drive, so I would drive her. Sometimes, I would run a few errands, but usually, I would just sit in the parking lot and wait (it was enough of a drive home not to make it worth going back and forth). In the winter, when it got dark so early, it would make me sleepy to sit there in the dark, and I would fall asleep, using my shoulder harness of my seatbelt to cradle my head, just like that bear is doing! It worked great, except my mouth would always drop open when I slept, and even though I parked in a more remote part of the lot, away from any other cars, I always feared someone would look in at me, passed out with my mouth gaping open, and think I was a stroke victim!

    1. It is wonderful that you can see an upside to having breast cancer! This was just a routine exam for me and everything is okay.
      Oh, I remember those nights of dropping off teenagers for activities and picking them up, and sometimes needing to wait a bit. You made me laugh with your description of napping like a bear. HaHa