Monday, April 3, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful

This past week went quickly in some ways, but racked up several "thankfuls" for my Ten Things of Thankful post. Now I can link up to Josie's site where you can read the things others have shared from this past week.

The nursing center told me this past week that my Mom could use about four more pair of fleece pants, because they were easier to take on and off, especially since she needs to be transferred using an Arjo machine now. They also said that she had a hole in the bottom of one of her shoes, so I added shoes to the list. That is an indication of how much she propels herself around the halls in her wheelchair by using her feet to move forward! (She isn't able to move in the wheelchair by using her hands to turn the wheels because of her lack of strength in her arms and her frozen shoulders due to arthritis.) I didn't realize what a task that would turn out to be to purchase these items. Let's just say, shopping isn't as much fun for me as it once was. I spent all of two afternoons trying to find the needed items. I was told by one salesperson that it was the very last week that stores were carrying the fleece items, if indeed they had any left, because the spring/summer items were in now.  The shoes weren't as easy to find either, at least that weren't way more than the budget allowed.  I finally found a pair in like-new condition, that were an exact duplicate of the pair she has been wearing (minus the silver-dollar-sized hole in the bottom). Sears saved the day by having exactly four beautiful fleece pants in Mom's size, except for the length, at over half-off! Thanks to sewing skills developed over the years, I was able to shorten the length and take them to her a few days after they were requested.  I'm thankful for a helpful sales people, like the one who mentioned Sears as a possibility.  To be able to bring a bit of Spring, via pretty colors in clothing, to my Mom is a plus too. I'm thankful for those who decide to take items in excellent condition to stores where they can resold. 

Fleece pants, mostly in spring colors

I'm happy to report that after having another session with the neuromuscular massage therapist this week I'm having more flexibility in my arm and shoulder. It was another painful session, but there wasn't as much pain following the appointment this time. Things are looking up!

The honesty and helpfulness of others made me feel very grateful.  When I was paying for my groceries using my bank card, I put the card down for a second. Normally I put it right back in my purse, but for whatever reason, I didn't this time. As I was bagging my groceries, the next customer saw my card and gave it to the cashier, who in turned asked if it was mine. Whew! As I was finishing putting my groceries in the car, a young teenage boy approaching his car asked if I would like him to put the cart back for me. How nice of him!

It is almost  Easter, and right on schedule one of my Thanksgiving cactus plants is budding again, just in time for Easter blooms!  

Watching sports on TV is not my favorite thing to do, but when the game between the NCAA Mississippi State Women's basketball team and University of Connecticut Women's basketball team was playing, I got caught up in watching a fingernail-biting (except I don't) game. Even after my husband decided he was going to watch a different game online, I still watched the Mississippi/UConn game to the very end. University of Connecticut had won 111 games straight until Mississippi beat them this time! I'm thankful for the variety of skills that women have and for how they can overcome the odds. One of the players is very short for a basketball player, but she is an amazing player.

A friend invited me to go to the Portland Temple with her and two other women one day this next week. I'm looking forward to going.

Part of one of my ferns bending toward the light

This weekend I enjoyed staying home to watch General Conference on Saturday and Sunday.  It is broadcast throughout the world via satellite and is translated into many different languages.  It is also available to watch online. I'm so thankful for being able to hear of personal experiences of how the leaders in my church have come to better understand the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I feel enlightened by their words, and feel reenergized to be better and do better. 

More and more flowers are starting to be in full bloom.  I can't wait to go see the tulip gardens in the area.

Now our daffodils are in full bloom!

I hope each of your will have a wonderful week ahead. Spring is here and the sun is trying to make more and more appearances in our area.  So happy!

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  1. Glad you were able to find your mom the things she needed (and without breaking the budget!). Those pants must be so helpful and comfortable. Glad to hear your shoulder is improving.
    I love favorite flower! My daughter's favorite is tulip - she'll be glad to see them soon.
    Have a great week!

    1. There is a tulip farm about 30 miles from here where people go to tour the fields. They have a nice gift/garden shop too. Some vendors come to set up booths and sell their crafts and food to the visitors. There are little wagons pulled by tractors for those who may be limited in how much walking they are able to do or want to do. Lots of fun.

  2. Shopping for clothing, for myself or anyone, is not high on my list of fun things to do, so I am happy to read that you were eventually able to find exactly the shoes and pants you needed for your Mom, and the pants in pretty Spring colors! Kudos to the nursing staff for letting you know which things she needs and work well for her.

    I am very glad that the neuromuscular massage therapy seems to be helping you, also that people at the store were kind enough to see that you got your card back! I left my phone in a restroom once and was immediately followed out of the restroom by the next person who had entered that stall, asking if it was my found she had found. Whew!! I am always happy when people do the right thing and make an effort to be helpful, and when young people exhibit manners!

    I smiled at the blooming cactus and Spring flowers, and you enjoying watching the Mississipi team overcome the odds to win the basketball game. I am always for the underdogs, they try harder and victories are so much sweeter!

    I hope you have a really nice day with your friends at the Oregon temple. It is awesome that the General Conference message is broadcast over the Internet where everyone can watch and hear it for themselves! I loved the little quotation at the end of your post, I will add a resounding Amen! It took me many years to understand that. I hope the rest of your week goes great. Thank you for all the wonderful things you share on Facebook too! :-)

    1. Mom was wearing a pair of the new pants today when I went to visit her. :-) I'm enjoying your trip vicariously through the beautiful photos you are sharing. I've never visited those places, but some of my ancestors are from the south - Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia that I know of so far.

  3. A good set of things to be thankful for. Spring blooms make me happy too.

    1. I like how some of the early Spring blooms are yellow. It is a nice reminder that the sunshine will soon be more visible. :-)

  4. Spring means flowers.


    Shopping for others is not the same. In some ways, it feels like an added responsibility to get what they will like. So glad she is happy with what you found for her. As someone who relies a lot on others to help me shop for food, clothes, and so many other things I know it is appreciated.

  5. I'm awed by your mom wearing a hole in her shoe by moving herself about in a wheelchair. My goodness! I am happy you have a place for her that is near you and you feel safe and confident about her care. I always like a bargain and the end of the seasons are the best time to get them. Spring is here, finally. There are warmer (a little, I can't help but think there just might be one last slap from winter) temperatures and my dry winter skin is improving. Love the daffodils.