Thursday, October 13, 2016

Six Sentence Story - Season

There are so many ways one could go with the theme of the blog hop, Six Sentence Story - Season.  If you want to try your hand at writing and not get bogged down writing a whole book, or a whole chapter, try just six sentences.  The more the merrier in this blog hop!

It wasn't what she was expecting, although "it" wasn't clear in her mind.  After having received a briefing about how to interact with those who would soon join them, she and her friends huddled together in a room of this antiquated institution and waited.  Their conversations were somewhat muted, quite a contrast to the voices chattering unintelligibly in the hallway.  Soon a group of "boys and girls" entered, but from their appearance some appeared to be as old as the visitors' parents, maybe older.  

Someone turned on the record player and cheerful Christmas carols filled the room and helped to relax some of the tension she had felt.  She as about to discover "it" was the true spirit of the Christmas season, the giving of time and self in bringing joy to someone else.

The story took place at this historic building many years before its demise.


  1. Pat, so wonderful to read a Season and A Time again. This story tugged at my heart. Our awareness in our final season of life - and the love of the Christmas season - just beautiful.

  2. This is really a beautiful image. So nice to see you again!!!

  3. A lovely scenario, so often we can find pleasure in sharing our time with others and end up having an experience more wonderful than we ever anticipated, making their day special, and a good memory for our own. Christmas IS supposed to be about giving - more importantly of ourselves than of our material wealth.

    1. Thank you. The longer one lives, sometimes the more we come to understand the meaning and beauty of the things we have experienced.

  4. Hi Pat--love that you've brought us some "Christmas" early! I'm SO ready for the holidays :)

  5. yow*

    *compliment un-cluttered with nouns and adjectives attempting to express the power of the juxtaposed stories, that in six sentences the other in the mind of the reader reading the description of the place that burned down.