Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful

Well, like so many people all those good intentions of starting the new year out with a bang brought me back to the reality of what I could realistically handle this week.  Now that doesn't mean that there won't be other weeks where I'll just buzz right along accomplishing everything on my list, but this week it didn't happen quite as I'd planned.  I think I just got caught in the vines as I was trying to get to get to the light.


I'm linking this post to The Ten Things of Thankful blog hop.

1.  A very huge thankful for being able to have a blood test this week and also getting the results by the end of the week telling me that something spotted on a CT scan and an ultra scan recently was benign.  I'm thankful for the power of prayer.  I still have some follow-up appointments, but I'll take them as they come.

2.  The beginning of the week was a continuation of the cold snap begun on Sunday, so we stayed in all day hoping that the freezing rain and fog mixture would thaw. We needed to wait until midday on Tuesday to see that happen and to feel safe enough to make the trip to see my Mom to celebrate her 99th birthday with her, a day late.  There is one good thing to be said about Alzheimer's.  Even though we weren't there the day of her birthday, she had a birthday crown the staff put on her head when they celebrated her day.  The next day she'd forgotten that she'd had a birthday or why we were bringing her presents and cake.  It was truly more of a birthday week for her.  Some flowers even arrived for her on Friday.  I'm thankful for my Mom, and I'm thankful for all the people who try to make her life as pleasant as possible.

3.  I'm going forward getting exercise on the treadmill and the stationary bike, although I've been lax the last two days.  I'm thankful for the group that helps motivate me to keep at it.

4.  Wednesday I was able to go up to the temple with a couple of friends.  Because of a report of some slick spots and possible freezing fog we thought we'd leave mid morning instead of first thing.  As it turned out there had been a traffic accident and backup of traffic for several miles.  It had cleared by the time we left when things were starting to warm up.  I'm thankful we didn't get stuck waiting in a big long line of cars nor having to deal with road conditions that caused the accident.

5.  I've started tracking the calories of everything I eat.  I've done that in the past, but stopped doing it for one reason or another.  Since we hardly eat anything prepackaged, I can't just look at a box and write down the calories I see listed.  A lot of time, I don't use recipes, so it basically means referring to charts to see how many calories are in a given item of food and then doing the math to determine how many calories I'm consuming of what I have prepared.   There are newer cookbooks and recipes online which also post the calories for the recipes.  That is convenient if one can find recipes using the food items which are on your diet and adhere to your tastes.  I'm thankful for all the resources available to help us make good choices in taking care of our bodies.

6.  This week I attended the memorial service of a young woman who died suddenly of a very short illness.  She was a friend to many, including two of my children when they were in school.  The example of how she lived her life was exemplary of one who was ready to meet her maker.  She touched so many lives in her short life.  I'm thankful for her family and how they taught her, and how she lived her life.

7.  Sometimes getting older is just funny!  For instance, why did my hair decide it was okay to put a
cowlick on top of my hair, instead of what once was a wave?  Now this isn't just an occasional unruly cowlick, but one that apparently has taken up residence.  Hair spray might help, but I really don't  want to use that, for various reasons.  I suppose I should be grateful that I have hair!  That's it, I am grateful I have hair.  In the grand scheme of things, having a cowlick is so NOT important!  Who we are inside is really what matters.

8.  Speaking of hair, I got my hair cut this week.  I'm thankful that I am able to feel pretty confident that no matter which of the beauticians I get in the place I go for my haircuts, that they will do a good job.  My curly hair isn't very easy to manipulate into just any old style.  It mostly has a mind of its own.  Getting it cut and thinned is what I do.

9.  I've joined up with a FB closed group of friends that share "What's Cookin?"  It is a great way to expand one's horizons in the kitchen.  All that one does is tell and/or show what they are fixing for dinner.  Those in the group are varied in age, diets, and family size.  I'm glad that there isn't pressure in anyway.   People are totally honest.  Any parent who has had to be "taxi" for several kids for a number of after-school activities, and possibly evening ones, has probably succumbed to picking up some hamburgers or a pizza instead of cooking something that night.  That is okay.  I love honesty in people!

10. My online gospel study course is going well.  I'm finding it very helpful in understanding my Sunday School gospel course this year.

Plus 1 - My husband who is so supportive.  He has decided that vacuuming is HIS job!  How can I not like that kind of help.  It kind of started back when I was having a lot of back problems and then surgery.  That has been months ago.  Love him!



  1. So glad to hear your tests came back benign.
    It's nice to find so many recipes online these days, as it can get hard, night after night, to figure out what to eat.

  2. SO SO relieved about your tests. Such a scary thing. I'm really sorry to read about your children's friend though and hope that her family finds the support and love they need to get through such a sad loss. Also ugh to calories.

  3. I'm sure it was a bit of a stressful week, but I'm glad the news that came back was good!
    "That's it, I'm grateful I have hair." - one of the best sentences I've come across in the 134 weeks of the TToT. :)
    Oh how I wish we could just stay home when it gets cold and snowy...
    My husband got a Roomba for me for Christmas. (The robot vacuum.) He is a good husband who is trying to make my life easier, but not by taking over the work himself. :)

  4. I'm happy for benign results and so many other things going on for you. I am no longer counting calories, or points or anything. I know what is healthy and I'm trying to eat healthily and make good choices. And it's working just as well as anything else. I was losing hair for awhile and was extra thankful it was growing back. There's something about that stuff on the top of our heads. Have a good week. Hope the weather is friendlier soon. Winter is a harsh time.