Friday, January 14, 2022

Ten Things of Thankful - No More Loud Chirping

Well we still do have birds on the property, but at least the loud chirping produced by an old smoke alarm has been silenced. Whew! For more about that story if you missed it, this link will take you to my last week's Ten Things of Thankful post. Thank you to our host, Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not, and other co-hosts and participants for continuing to return week after week to post their Ten Things of Thankful and/or to read and comment on the posts. BYW, for all you fans of gravy, I think you will love the handle Dyanne put this week's link up.

1. Being able to get all our smoke alarms replaced as quickly as we did following the alarming situation I mentioned in last week’s post

We didn’t realize that after so many years they can become unreliable and may go off when there is no smoke or fire or may not go off when there is. One of the new alarms is a combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

2. Bright light in my laundry room again after getting the ballast replaced and new LED bulbs inserted

The laundry room doesn’t have a window, so when the old bulbs just flickered or didn’t work at all, the hall light had been my backup to be able to kind of see what I was doing. The bulbs started going out sometime after the onset of the COVID pandemic, so we thought we would just wait it out before having someone inside our home to do the job, but with the need to get the smoke alarm situation addressed ASAP, the same serviceman took care of the bulbs. Standing on tall ladders is best left to others at this point in our lives.

3. There was a slight chance we were going to get more snow this past week and we didn’t! We were very glad to finish out the week with the temperatures rising above 49°F.

4. Our kids telling me about WORDLE

I love how it is only possible for a person to  play it once a day. No need to exert self-control. 🤣 

5. Finished reading some Audible books

I sometimes start listening to another book and leave some undone, but this week I completed a newer book and went back and completed a couple of others with just a few remaining chapters.

6. The beautiful song, Reconcile, that some school choirs have sung in recent months has touched my heart. 

Kyle Pederson is the composer. I am thankful for his talent and of others like him who strive to bring about a more peaceful world through words and music.

7. The many records throughout the world which are being digitized and which have already been digitized and those which have been indexed or are in the process of being indexed so people all over the world can discover their family history

At some point in the lives of many people there seems to be a time when they begin to wonder about those who came before them, those who were their ancestors. When I was in my early 30’s and learned that there were ways that I could possible learn the name of one of my great grandmothers, a name that was unknown to my grandmother, I started to search in earnest. Since the onset of the computer age, what used to take months and years to discover is often at our fingertips in minutes now. For some of those harder to find individuals, DNA testing has unlocked some of the doors. 

The upcoming virtual Roots Tech 2022 to be held on March 3-5 is a free resource for beginners as well as to those looking for a more in-depth understanding of how to get past those seemingly dead end walls. Roots Tech also has a Facebook page.

8. Those who save and reuse

I remember my grandmother having a ball of string or twine in a kitchen drawer that held a lot of this and thats, because there always seemed to be some need for string. She just saved whatever string or twine that was tied to something that had been delivered to her. We rarely have a need for string now. Newer products, though most less eco-friendly, have been invented to achieve the same purpose, but once upon a time, string was a thing.

9. An extreme sense of gratitude for the peaceful moments in my life

10. The ways to stay connected to family and friends and even have fun in the process, even when often there are many miles between us

*Vic and all his support and sense of humor

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  1. As scary as it can be to let a stranger in your house these days, i am glad you have a new smoke alarm and plenty of light in the laundry room, along with all of your other thankful things.

  2. Light in the laundry room and working smoke alarms are truly thanksfuls! We used to listen to books in the car on long trips, but now we seem to listen to podcasts instead. Both enjoyable but completely different experiences! When I was a child, our newspaper had a string tied around it. My dad would take it off as he walked across the yard with it and toss it in the grass, then birds would use the strings in their nests. It's a sweet memory.

    1. That is a sweet memory, Dyanne. I am sure the birds appreciated finding the strings to use to build their nests.