Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful

Since it is Labor Day Weekend, I am going to use that excuse for doing a quicker Ten Things of Thankful post using mostly photos to deliver my message this time. I'm linking my post to Josie Two Shoes' blog hop Ten Things of Thankful. Click the link to her site to find what others have shared this week. 

1. September is here and the pale purple crocus is right on schedule.

2. These delicious Criterion apples are almost ready to pick.

3. Although it is September, the summer heat wave is still  here, so our shady lane lined with oaks trees on one side and fir trees on the other helps drop the temperature a bit and at least gives the appearance of coolness.

4. Having a window near the top of our open loft allows for us to get a cool breeze in the evenings and let the hot air escape from the higher places in our home. Looking through the window and seeing the large maple leaves blowing in the wind is like looking at a painting. The painting changes each season.

5. Salads are frequently our main meal when the weather is hot. Thankfully we both enjoy them, and I appreciate not having to heat up the kitchen.

6. These pink carnations were part of a beautiful bouquet given to me about three weeks ago. As the different flowers were past their prime, I removed them and transferred the remaining ones into a smaller vase. Now I'm left with the carnations, which still smell very fragrant. I'm thankful for the thoughtful friend who gave them to me and the longevity of these flowers. Click the link to listen to one of my favorite songs when I was much younger.

7. After trying out a couple of different over-the-counter stabilizing products to use on my knee before seeing a doctor and then starting PT, I realized I didn't care for how they fit. When I went for PT this week, she asked if I'd tried any taping. She used some kinesiology tape on my knee and my ankle. What a difference! With the tape combined with the exercises she is having me do, I can see a huge improvement. Staying upright and feeling stable as I am, hopefully future falls will be out of the question.

8. Older movies are so much more enjoyable to me than some of the newer movies. I recently watched Never a Dull Moment, a comedy crime film that was made in 1968. There was an earlier version too, but this is the one I watched. It really made me laugh.

"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul."
Yiddish Proverb

9. People who watch out for people and include them in activities are a blessing. Today I learned that a woman who visits her loved one in the nursing home where my Mom is included Mom in a summer picnic activity on a day we were out of town when our son was sustained as Bishop in his ward. She sat at a table with my Mom and her relative and enjoyed time with both of them. Mom even played a little game that involved placing colorful tiles on a board.

10. Unexpected flowers that my husband brought home for us to both enjoy made me smile. These orchids are a rose color with an abundance of tiny little darker rose colored dots on the petals. There is also another plant which has green variegated broad leaves and is planted in front of the orchid. There is a lighter green area in the middle of each leaf. 

May you have an enjoyable and safe Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Holy smokes, Mother Nature has had the heat turned up here in Idaho for months! I am so ready for fall. I love your apple photo. Soon they will be ready for picking and then ready for baking! Fall can't come fast enough for me! I hope you're having a great holiday weekend. - Stopping by from TToT. :)

    1. Those apples may bake on the tree if this heat hangs on much longer. :-)

  2. Photo thankfuls are always so fun, we get a glimpse of your world! That is a beautiful crocus, and the apples do indeed look delicious! It's been a long time since I've eaten one fresh from a tree, what a treat! Your shady lane is beautiful and welcoming! I so hope things cool down for you there soon!

    The window high above your loft is awesome! Yes, fresh air and great venting, and such a pretty view! I love the beautiful wood blank walls too!

    I am totally a fan of no-cook or easy-cook meals during the summer, heating up the kitchen with a hot oven makes no sense and doesn't even sound good. Your salad is so colorful and I know it was delicious!

    Wow, those carnations are indeed giving you long-lasting joy! My age is obvious because I knew exactly what song your YouTube link was going to take me to! :-))

    I am so glad you have a PT person who with you to find better solutions. Our Ivy is a great proponent of taping and taught me how much it can help with painful heels!

    I enjoy watching older movies, and Papa Bear does too. I like good movies and so much of modern fare is disappointing, depressing or worse yet, disgusting. Lighter fare with some humor is exactly what entertainment is supposed to be!

    How lovely that your mom was included in the summer picnic! The lady who did that is a true earth angel, and it pleased me that she kept your mom company at the picnic and even managed to get her to participate in the board game. I know how good that made you feel!

    Your husband is a sweetie, like mine. Such a beautiful pot of growing flowers, I love the combination of the orchids and the greenery, it has nice balance. I hope they thrive for you!

    Blessings to you in the week ahead. Thank you for sharing with us each week, I appreciate you so much! XOXO

    1. I love looking at our walls and ceilings too. The knots are in all kinds of shapes. It is like looking up at clouds and seeing shapes of things.
      The greenery with the orchids provides a nice way to support the orchid's flowers and fill up some of that open space.

  3. Beautiful photos and lots of wonderful things to be thankful for. I am glad the tape is helping your knee to feel better.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.
      The tape is helping, and I went to the store today to buy a roll of it to have on hand.

  4. Enjoyed the photos. Not overly a plant guy, but if I was, there is something exotically cool about orchids. At least the ones I see on line, never having grown one. I get the impression they are pretty high-maintenance. Given that the one plant I do have indoors is a cactus (something-latin monstrous*) it seems to be get by on the humidity in the air and a watering once or twice a year.
    I envy your warm weather. It's been like that so far this year, places that should be colder are warmer. I have a friend living in Maine and the number of days it's warmer there than here... very odd.
    Enjoyed your TToT this week.
    *no, seriously, that's the name... one exceedingly ugly plant, at least in comparison to the ones in your photos this week.

  5. What an exotic looking crocus! I remember the yard in my parents house when I was growing up always had solid purple, no other color, crocuses. The one in your picture is beautiful. To me it looks as delicate as the orchid your husband brought home.
    #3. You have to start somewhere even if it only gives the illusion of being cooler lol. One of these days, fall will be upon us and what a delightful lane to walk when the oak leaves start turning:)
    Thumbs up for salads!
    I enjoyed your thankfuls and as always, the pictures are great!

  6. I love this flowery September post. Apples especially, which spring from flowering buds, come fall.


    Salads are the best, make the best meals in my opinion.

    Hope the weather cools for you soon.