Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful

County and state fairs are cropping up on event calendars. School supplies are lining the shelves of the stores. Families are gathering for yearly reunions before the kids are back in school. Some people have tried to escape the hot weather by traveling to cooler places. Others have been able to go on their dream vacations. We are into the third week of August and the last month has flown by without a Ten Things of Thankful post from me since July 25. It is time for me to get something posted and linked to Josie Two Shoes Ten Things of Thankful blog up.

1. Contrasts - Sometimes it takes contrasts for people to be able to appreciate things and situations. For instance in our area we are able to have a change of seasons and temperatures which may bring along accompanying sweltering heat (105° F) here on August 3. With heat like that 85° F doesn't seem so bad. 

After days of sweltering temperatures in the valley, this overcast misty cool day on the Oregon coast felt quite refreshing. I took this photo from a high hilltop at Ecola State Park. As one glances through the Sitka spruce trees and shrubs lining the hillside, down below can be seen a number of sea stacks of varying heights in the water.

2. Historical places - When we were able to escape to the coast for three days this month to get away from the hot inland weather, we stayed in our neighboring state and explored a pioneer settlement.

This white picket fence is topped with pink climbing roses. A sign with the date 1892 and Oysterville Church is attached to the fence.

The Oysterville Church in Oysterville, Washington is painted white and has red trimmed window panes and a red door. The steeple with bell tower is alternately painted red and white in a horizontally striped fashion similar to the stripes on the USA flag. 

3. Goals - I'm thankful that through determination, hard work, and desire to work toward a goal, one of our grandsons received his white coat in a White Coat Ceremony today as he begins medical school.

4. People who care and who help - One of our daughters and her husband had a big move from a very large home into a much smaller home in another state this month. I'm thankful that there were people who were able to assist them in various ways in each state as they prepared to leave and as they arrived.

5. Aging - Yes there are some things that are difficult as one ages, but being able to look back and see the things one has learned over the years is a blessing. This month I turned another year older. I once thought as this age as old. My body reminds me that some aging is happening, but somewhere in my mind I still have times when I feel quite young.

6. Historical perspective - Having been born during the time WWII took place, some of the things I see transpiring in our country and in the world are of concern to me. When I see those who mimic the actions of those who brought terror into the hearts and minds of people during WWII, it is disheartening, but I also am glad to see many more who are speaking out to let it be known that they cherish freedom and those things for which the founding fathers fought.

7. Regular medical appointments - This month has been a month of yearly and follow-up appointments. It was a reminder to me of how important it is to get my scheduled dental cleaning done. The dentist always checks my teeth after the cleanings. Although I hadn't noticed any discomfort from any of my teeth, he discovered that I have a cracked tooth and filling in one of my molars. Although I am not ecstatic about needing another crown, with modernized dental care, this will just require one appointment. No doubt this tooth cracked when I fell and obtained the lovely black eye and bruised cheek on the same side of my face a month ago. I didn't consider going to see the dentist after the fall because I didn't notice any pain when chewing my food.

8. Calming music - What music soothes your soul? I've discovered that Hawaiian music can do that for me. What a treat it was to hear some individuals from the Marshall Islands singing at a alzheimer's/dementia center the other day. (I was visiting a friend at the center when they were having a Luau.) I recognized some of the music as songs on a CD I'd received this earlier this month. Here is a link where you will be able to watch a video of Hawaii Aloha.

9. Historical novels - After receiving a historical novel, The Life She Was Given, by Ellen Marie Wiseman this month, I've found it hard to put it down.

10. Attending memorable events - Last Sunday our son was sustained as the Bishop of the ward he attends (a congregation of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints within a given area). We were able to travel to be there for this special day. 

And speaking of historical, we are in the direct path of the total solar eclipse on Monday! Are any of my readers on the direct path for this event? 


  1. Enjoyed your TToT.

    What an excellent coastline you have to visit. We have one on this side, but it's less dramatic. Unless you get up towards Maine. I believe that, technically, our coastline is older than yours... so there. lol

    Small church, attractive architecture. quite New Englandesque.

    aging... ah! The Doctrine has this thing.... (lol, no! wait, it's not weird! (well, just a little)) Since I'm in the middle of trying to develop brevity in writing, I'll try.

    I was walking down a Main Street of a small town early one morning. No car traffic yet, very little pedestrian traffic. There were small shops on both sides of the street and many had large plate glass window fronts. For no apparent reason, I caught sight of my reflection in a window on the opposite side of the street and thought, "Who else is out at this hour?"
    It lasted only a second, then I recognized myself.
    The question formed instantly, "Who were you expecting to see?" And, being a clark, I though about it.
    It seems there is a part of all of us that holds a faint, but lasting image of our physical appearance at a certain point in our lives and it never changes. It locks in at one age of our life. Now, the age (of this 'lock in') varies from person to person, but once set, never changes.
    From my conversations with people (those inclined to not look at me and laugh), I'm of the opinion that this 'lock-in age' is at whatever time in our lives that we achieve what we were brought up to believe is important. (Very definitely of both conscious and unconscious beliefs).
    For myself, that part of my mind was expecting to see a 27 year old clark's reflection in the shop window.
    Fun concept.

    1. That little church reminded me of some of the NE churches too.

      Your experience of seeing your reflection in the store window across the street made me chuckle. I'm still trying to get used to that other person staring back at me in the morning from my bathroom mirror. Couldn't she wait a few hours, or a lot of hours, before making her appearance!

  2. Wonderful list of thankfuls. Congratulations to your grandson, that is quite an accomplishment.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad our grandson has chosen to become a doctor. There is definitely a need for more doctors.

  3. It was so good to see you back, and with such a great list of thankful thoughts to share, Pat! I can definitely relate to contrasts going from the flat rangeland of West Texas to the gorgeous hills and trees of Tennessee this past week, and then home again. I loved the green, the humidity took a bit out of me since I am no longer used to it. Your photo view from the hilltop is breathtaking! We love touring historical places too, and I love reading historical novels. We understand history so much better through the eyes/words of those who would have lived during that time.

    Congratulations to your grandson and your son, you have a family that you can be very proud of, and I know that the parenting you did had a great deal to do with this. I fear for the generation of children growing up, but I continue to see examples like this of those who are reaching for their goals and will bring good things to the world!

    I was so glad that Kristi got safely moved, it's a huge ordeal. It sounds like they are going to be very happy in Provo in this new chapter of their lives. Friends helping out makes all the difference.

    Aging is not easy or for the faint of heart, there are many new issues to confront. But like you I often feel quite young, and am so very thankful for the life that I've been given and what I've learned along the way.

    It is a time of great concern in our country, we are blessed to have the faith that helps us to put things in perspective and know right from wrong. I pray that leaders heed the lessons from the past so we will not experience needless tragedy.

    It's definitely a good thing you found out about that cracked tooth before it became a painful problem. That was such a horrible fall, I hope you are healing from it now.

    Hawaiian music is soothing, light and rhythmic like the ocean! I love Celtic music and folk music of all kinds, it feels like coming home when I hear it.

    We barely saw a shadow of the eclipse here, I am eager to hear if you experienced it. My daughter in Nashville saw the full eclipse and was awed by this amazing event!

    Wishing you a good weekend coming up, and thank you for all the wonderful, interesting and uplifting stories that you share on Facebook too! XOXO

    1. I think that you will see the next eclipse in a few years. :-) It is definitely worth waiting to see!

      I'm so glad you weren't in the path of the hurricane and accompanying heavy rains.

  4. History, both fictional and true stories teach us so much. We all should be paying more attention to days gone by. I fear repetition of the worst kinds because some refuse to consider all this.

    Hawaiian music sounds peaceful. I have a dream to go to Hawaii and see it up close, for myself, but bless the music that can, at certain moments, make us feel like we are there.

    Being an aunt makes me think of age and aging constantly. So odd and contemplative.

    Glad to see you back Pat.

    1. Thanks, I am glad to be back.

      History does tend to repeat itself when we refuse to remember or believe what others have written who lived during that time, or who have studied the past.

      I can tell you enjoy being an aunt so much and I'm sure that you are a greatly loved aunt.