Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful

Is it really possible to feel thankful each week for things that are happening when headlines, phone calls, texts, or emails with bad news, and sights flashed across the screen cause our minds and hearts to feel angst? Yes, it is possible, but we must take time to ponder what has happened in our lives, big or little things, make note of them and really feel grateful for them. There is a blog hop administered by Josie Two Shoes where some bloggers, myself included, like to link a post to the blog hop Ten Things of Thankful. Many faithfully link up each week, while others may link only occasionally, but we know they are feeling thankful even if time or health doesn't allow them to actually write their post. There is no limit to the number of bloggers who can link up to this blog hop, so if you want to chime in, read some of the posts which are linked to get an idea of the wide assortment of ways to share ten things of thankful. I hope to see your post next week.

1. Inventions. I went to a baby shower this week. As the gifts were unwrapped, I was not alone in thinking, "I wish that had been available when I was nursing my babies." However, the material from which it was made hadn't even been invented.

2. Being able to overcome fear. Unlike many teens, I wasn't desirous of learning to drive a car because I feared I'd have a wreck. So fast forward to six years after I was married. We had an almost three-year-old ready to attend a nursery school. We had one car. I wanted our daughter to be able to attend a nursery school, but didn't want to impose on anyone to be able to get her there. My very patient husband taught me to drive. I got my license, although it took two attempts. A whole new world of activities were opened up to both our daughter and myself because I overcame my fear.

3. Being able to experience something good more than just once. My husband and I recently went to see the movie Hidden Figures and really enjoyed it. This week some of the women in my church got together at the home of one of the members to watch this same movie. I almost chose not to attend this "free night at the movies" because I'd already seen the film, but decided to go at the last minute. It was so worth it to see it again.

4. Bigger flower pots. The orchid my husband bought me last year, or maybe two years ago, had gotten way too cramped in the small container. After checking some youtube videos about transplanting orchids, I decided to give it a try. The new bigger pot has holes on the side to allow for the needed flow of air to the roots. It is hard to believe that the plant was stuffed into that little pot.

Repotted orchid next to its former pot

5. Hiatus. For three months I have been having neuromuscular therapy on my shoulder, arm and back. This past week I made the decision to take a hiatus from the treatments. I probably will need to return at some point, but for now I feel my body just needs a rest. I may try something different, but I haven't decided what that will be.

6. Smiling faces. As I was decluttering this week, I came across some rocks and shells in the bottom of a box. They are no longer inside my house and have a temporary location outside. I can't even remember how it came to be that I have the smiling face rock, but I'm glad I rediscovered it. Smiles whether on people, or rocks, make me smile too.

Smiling rock

7. Wildflowers. At some point my husband scattered some wildflower seeds. This past week as he was meandering through the vegetation he discovered several plants beginning to bloom. Not knowing if these were a type of wildflower or a weed, he gave me an assignment to see if I could identify it. After looking through several books, I was able to declare its identity.

Western wallflower in beginning to bloom
 8. Free furniture. For some time we have been keeping an eye out for some stools to use at our kitchen counter. Years ago I had purchased some old stools that had been used on a boat. They needed a paint job and eventually some taping around the legs to cover some scars. After years of use, we really wanted a different look in our kitchen. Imagine my surprise when a family we know offered some chair stools free for the taking. My husband saw the offer on FB first and told me about it right away. I was the first to respond, so I was able to pick them up the same day!

One of old taped stools by replacement chair stools

9. Entertaining talented musicians. My husband introduced me to a musician, Tommy Emmanuel via youtube. He is incredibly talented. Enjoy.

10. My husband who has brought me love, and with him children we love. He brings me laughter, and experiences that make my life more than it would ever be without him. Together we are more than either one could be by ourselves. 


  1. lol Number 9 was such a treat. (Was aware of Tommy Emanuel, being a fan of guitar players, but he is not all that well known.)
    Very cool TToT
    oh yeah, all the other Items too.... lol

    1. There are a lot of people who are extremely talented, but not always well known perhaps because whatever their talent is didn't become their profession. Some share their talents in ways that don't rake in the big bucks, but still bring enjoyment to the receivers of their talents.

  2. It is always a pleasure to come read your TToT post, Pat, such a peaceful uplifting experience! I often smile at all the new baby care inventions, I am amazed at how well ours turned out in a much simpler world, I'm not sure I'd know everything right to do for a little one now! :-)

    I applaud you for finding the courage to learn to do something you feared. So often our fears are unfounded but feel so overwhelming. Having a driving permit makes life so much nicer! I didn't have for the 2-1/2 years I lived in Germany and I sure missed it, although bus transportation there was pretty good.

    I don't often watch movies more than once, but it can surprise you to discover something you missed or see how your perspective has changed over time. The fun of sharing it with your friends made it extra-good.

    It sounds like you are ready for a break/change in your therapy. Have you considered trying acupuncture? It sure has been helpful for our Zoe. I've never had need to try it but some swear by it.

    Your repotted plant looks happy in it's new larger pot, I need to do that with a Christmas cactus of mine that is so ready for some attention. I love the smiley rocks you found too. A smiley anything is just bound to make us smile, it's contagious! :-) Your husband is such a sweetie to plant wildflowers and then share the new ones springing up with you! I bet it took a little searching to identify that one!

    I think you were just meant to have those stools, and they look great at your counter! I love it when things are passed on to others who can use them. My daughter is doing a lot of that as she prepares for her eventual move to Dallas.

    Guitar players will always have a special place in my heart, I think it's a throwback to the 70's thing. I spent so many hours listening to talented friends make beautiful music!

    Your husband is clearly a priceless treasure as is mine. They make life sweet as we journey down the road and discover what's just around the bend! Have a blessed week ahead, thank you for sharing with us at TToT! XOXO

    1. I also typically don't watch very many movies more than once. Certain ones I enjoy seeing several times because I just love certain lines that are spoken in the movie.
      I actually have had quite of few acupuncture treatments over the years, and that is a direction I might try again for a while.
      My Christmas cacti need repotting too, but the plants are large. I'll probably need to get my husband to help me. I'd like to not break too many leaves, although I suppose a little pruning would be a good idea.
      My husband learned to play the guitar a little bit when our children were young, and we'd sing folk songs with them in the 60's and 70's. We did a lot of singing with the children on road trips, or anytime there needed to be some kind of a distraction.

  3. Clark introduced me to Tommy last year. He's wonderful. Thanks for posting the vid :)
    Overcoming fear. That's a big one, huge. ..."a whole new world of activities were opened up to both our daughter and myself because I overcame my fear". Fear can be all consuming. Overcoming any fear, large or small, is liberating.
    #5 I agree with Josie - perhaps you might consider acupuncture?
    I've never seen a pot with holes in the sides. Pretty cool. I have a lucky bamboo that is way beyond needing to be transplanted and split. I was going to look for a video on you tube. Isn't it amazing what you can find out from you tube?!

    1. I was thinking that I might go back to acupuncture treatments again. It certainly wouldn't do any harm.
      The pot with the holes on the side was sold with a sticker on the side saying "orchid pot." As I understand it, the roots need some air, although the pot the plant came in didn't have any holes in it.
      Youtube is my "go to" when I need a demonstration.

  4. It is indeed difficult to find the things for which we might be thankful in the midst of so much negativity. But I find I'd much rather do that than sit and stare at headlines. It serves no purpose. I ingest only as much as is necessary to stay informed. The time for that. I have better things to focus on. This hop helps, even though I don't make it in every week.
    Love your rocks and that you can't recall how the face one ended up there! Funny. I have some painted rocks here in my office. Maybe I'll share them next time.
    I haven't seen Hidden Figures yet but I very much want to. My sister just gave my daughter a young reader's edition of the book. Maybe I should get a copy and we can read our own versions together, then see the film. As for second viewings, I often find that additional viewings of a film bring me a whole different experience, and seeing with different people sometimes does as well. I'm glad you decided to go to the movie night!

    1. Please do! Share your rocks!
      My grandchildren enjoyed reading Hidden Figures. I hope your daughter enjoys the young reader's edition.